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How to make a crystal chandelier

Materials: IKEA TIDIG light, Binder Rings, Keychain Rings, 3-4 Candle Holders from Hobby Lobby or any other Crystal hangings that you can find – I also used Crystal Christmas tree ornaments shaped like hearts, Hooks (to attach the power cord to the wall if you did not have a separate light to hook the TIDIG up to)

Cost: Around $200 – sounds pricey but it really isn’t when you consider that the same could be found for $799 at Lamps Plus. Then I found this on your blog.

I wanted to make it but unfortunately Ikea doesn’t sell the GLIMT anymore; at least in my area here in AZ. So I went to Ikea and found the 6-light TIDIG hanging ceiling light that comes with 6 frosted white lamp shades on each of the mini lights. This one looks much lengthier than the GLIMT from what I can tell in the picture, and it was the same price! The one I got isn’t on their website, but I got
it in the store and they had 2 different sizes if you’d prefer the smaller version instead like the GLIMT.

To get the crystal Chandelier hangings, I actually went to Hobby Lobby and bought candle holders (They were 23.99 each, but I got them for 50% off because they are almost always having a sale on candle holders).

I removed all the crystal hangings from the candle holder. Then I regifted the candle holders without the crystals to different people for Christmas – it looks very modern without the crystals and people were telling me how cute they looked (not knowing they were missing the crystals).

Then I had my dad install the light into our loft window opening. He also attached a power cord because unless you have another light that you removed to hook this up to, you will need to attach it to a power cord. He then used 2 hooks and attached them in the corners of the windows to keep the white cord from hanging in the way.

Once it was hung up, my friend and I attached the rhinestone hangings using keychain and binder rings.  It kind of gives it a more industrial look then just using string and adds an extra accent with the large circles hanging from the rod.

Instead of putting the lamp shades on the lights, I flipped them upside down and added rhinestone hearts – turning them into nice frosted white candle votive candle holders.

You can either attach the hangings all at pretty much the same level. Or add more keychain rings to make them alternate in length — this is the way I am keeping it for my house.

I love my light – even when it is off!

After a few days, I felt like the Chandelier hangings weren’t long enough. Therefore, I changed up the pattern and added the keychain rings to all the hangings to make them longer — some have one and others have 2. Below is a picture with me and the light to show you the proportions of it.

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~ Christin Franco, Chandler, AZ

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7 Responses to How to make a crystal chandelier

  1. kimberely says:

    You can also buy really nice lights at (under$200). This looks horrible with all the wires and hooks.

  2. Rob says:

    i’m with @anonymous – how was the cabling/wiring shortened?!?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also have a Tidig six-light and wondered how your dad shortened the cables that lead from the light to ceiling? I have the Tidig at the length we need, but we have tons of extra clear cable bunching and sagging and generally looking very messy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is something I have decided to try. Michaels has mini crystal chandaliers that you build yourself for $6.99 that are in the Christmas section. I bought three of those, and some crystal garland in the wedding section. I used coupons so its all been cheap. New I’m just thinking what design to do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, awesome idea, I absolutely love it, thanks for posting

  6. I didn’t put this on the original post, but keep in mind that this light is VERY bright since you are not using the shades. You also might want to buy a dimming device to hook up to the light so you can lower the brightness. Otherwise – I love it still!

  7. Web Design says:

    The crystal chandelier are very attractive. I think you are very fashionable and like those decorative items. I am definite that this items would cost more in any store in the market.

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