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Give the Lack a bit of time


Materials: Lack side table

A clock, built from the top of the same table (Lack). Rough-grit sanding is necessary for the paint to stick. The back (which was the bottom side of the table) was routed out with a Dremel rotary tool and filled with clock parts purchased online.

See more of the Lack side table clock.

~ Charles Crawford,

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14 Responses to Give the Lack a bit of time

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t much care for the clock; that’s a matter of taste, but I don’t need to pull a MrsVickie and behave like an anal wart and then get ridiculous about blog links and visits. What a silly twit. No, my comment is really focused on this: That rocket next to clock! I desire it!!

  2. I thunk it’s FABULOUS…and very reasonably priced for those of us who are not artistically inclined to create it ourselves.

  3. Moontree says:

    @ Anonymous: actually, as a frequent denizen / shopper on Etsy myself, there have been quite a few “baby hat knitters” I’ve [gently] suggested might want to take the price down a notch. I’m an artist & craftsperson myself so i know very well how difficult it can be to price your work. You have to pay yourself, most certainly, but if you ask a lot of money for something in the hopes of giving it some kind of cachet it can really backfire and make you look pretentious.

    I’d also argue that, with the exception of hostility, criticism shouldn’t be kept as an internal dialogue. Feedback is crucial to improvement, and all artists and designers should expect as much when they put their work out there.

    Ikeahacker or any other sort of hack site is also probably not the best forum to try to show off your work for sale. You’ll get a bunch of hurrahs for being clever, but more than likely this audience will scoff at you when you ask big money for your work. It’s tough to convince people who know that your materials are hacked and cost under $10.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Clock not my style , but took effort and is artistic for sure! Why not sell crafts you make yourself ? We don’t say to someone selling a knitted baby hat at a street fair “no way in hell I would pay that price” … Even if we are thinking it, right? So should we say something like that here to a craftsman?
    I think not. My feelings would be hurt If I were the creator of this clock. If it isn’t nice or doesn’t serve a real purpose, just keep it as internal dialogue.
    Hopefully this didn’t ruin his happiness in this holiday season:)
    The crazy or funny part would be if because of that mean comment, his clock started selling like hotcakes! If I were rich, Ide buy it! Just to prove a point that what isn’t or worth to some, is beautiful to others.
    My two piece.
    Please don’t yell at me anyone.

  5. Moontree says:

    Charles: I’d have to agree that $145 is kind of a pretentious price tag, even when you account for creativity & time, etc. That’s meant as critique rather than cruelty, just so you know. The clock is cute but your other work (the lack bench, for instance) is far more original.

  6. Charles Crafword says:


    Your blog is public, allows comments, and you link to it from here. Keeping the two separate, you are not. I used my real name and was completely civil. No one reading the comment would even know to what I referred unless they had been here first. For what it’s worth, if you made an email address available, I would have contacted you there; a comment on your blog was the only option.

    I don’t want to develop a big flame war, but I did want you to realize that you hurt the feelings of a real person with your snide tone. Being mean isn’t cool! I mean, the first two words on this page after “post a comment” are “play nice,” for goodness’ sake.

  7. Mrs.Vickie says:

    @Charles. I was simply putting it that it’s quite the expensive clock… I personally would much rather do it myself.

    I don’t appreciate you creeping my blog, I subscribe to comments here when I post. Thank you…

  8. Charles Crawford says:

    @nice people



    You’re about right. The table was sanded, painted white, the design hand-drawn, the typeface stenciled in with blue tape and housepaint. You didn’t account for the time it took to build though – about 4 hours (not counting the paint’s dry-time). So if there’s $100 in profit there, I’m working for about $25/hr. Hardly exorbitant. Also, as you note, the design is quite straightforward, and I explain all of it, precisely so that others can make their own. The Etsy shop is for those who don’t want or have the time to do so.

    Also, :-P

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s beautiful. When you buy something like this you’re paying for the creativity not just the basic materials.

  10. Me says:

    Cool! Very nice graphics design.

  11. Mrs.Vickie says:

    So, you took a lack table you had at home that was chipping, sanded it down, bought clock parts online probably super cheap, and painted it with a stencil made from possibly tape?

    Cost = $40, maybe. $100 profit seems a bit crazy if you ask me.

    It’s nice, but no way in hell would I buy that on etsy for that price. I’d buy the table myself and a $10 clock kit at Michaels.

  12. printable scantrons forms says:

    yes..the art looks like a clock..

  13. Anonymous says:

    The clock look really nice.. But ridiculous price on Etsy.. $145?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s a clack then?

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