Published on November 8th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Old coffee presses for new

Materials: KAFFE coffee press, FÖRSTÅ coffee press

Description: A minor but potentially useful hack: I broke the glass carafe of my old KAFFE French press, and went to replace it on my next IKEA run. However, I was dismayed to discover that the KAFFE had been discontinued and replaced with the FÖRSTÅ press, whose mechanism I instantly hated because the handle is a big disk that’s big and clumsy and sticky when being pushed down.

I bought it anyway (I needed a French press), but when I got it home I was relieved to discover that it is the exact same size and shape as the KAFFE press. So I simply unscrewed the (rather battered) filter unit from the bottom of the KAFFE mechanism, replaced it with the new one, and continued to use my old KAFFE handle with the new filter and glass carafe.

Those who need to replace their KAFFE carafe and who (like me) hate the new FÖRSTÅ lid and handle will be relieved to know that all the other parts have the same form factor as KAFFE.

~ Matt, Montreal

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5 Responses to Old coffee presses for new

  1. Sean says:

    The glass carafe must be a somewhat standard size, because I broke one of a different brand, bought an IKEA French Press as a cheap replacement (but was not a big fan of the plunger) and then found that the carafe and plunger both fit perfectly into my original base.

  2. vipin says:

    nice trick … i just did it on my computer table .

  3. Eric says:

    We did this about six months ago, too, since the top edge of our carafe broke off. We just plain didn’t like the new look look; we didn’t even try it out. It’s not hard to mix and match the parts to get a working combination.

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