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Kitchen cabinet for the bathroom

Materials: Lillangen sink, Faktum wall cabinet

Description: I liked the small Lillangen sink for my small bathroom, but disliked the Lillangen cabinets; I feel they are of mediocre quality, ugly and too high for comfort.

So instead I got a 57 cm high, 60 cm wide Faktum wall cabinet with Abstrakt door and side panels and Capita feet. I put a leftover oak panel (treated with marine varnish) on top of the cabinet, cut a hole with my jigsaw, put the Lillangen sink on top, and caulked it with silicone.

Because the cabinet is wider than the sink I have room for stuff next to the sink, and the tablet’s overhang keeps splashing water off the cabinet.

~ Eli, Belgium

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8 Responses to Kitchen cabinet for the bathroom

  1. Joy says:

    I know that you did this a few years ago, but I am hoping that you will remember how you did it.
    When you used the jigsaw to cut out the hole for the lillangen – did you hollow out the space for the entire bowl of the sink, or only cut a hole for the drain/faucet assembly?
    I am not sure which to do & have been unable to find anyone that indicated.
    We will also be using a wooden countertop.

    IF you do happen to answer…any issues 4 years later with the lillangen & the wood?

  2. joy says:

    I know that you did this a few years ago, but I am looking to do something very similar. When you cut out the hole for your sink – did you eliminate all wood except for the very outer perimeter, such that only the outer lip of the sink was resting on the wood? Or did you only cut out the part that dips down for the faucet/drain assembly.
    I cannot find this information on any of the sites that I have seen where people have used a lillangen as a sink resting on a countertop.

  3. Edward says:

    If you are looking to uproot your entire kitchen and start renovation from scratch, your choice of kitchen cabinet, is the most important one you can make.

  4. IkeaQueen says:

    Nice :) I’d probably put a little plain white knob on it, that way you only have to change the one ;)

    I wouldn’t be worried about it being in the bathroom – our friends have had their laundry fitted out with the Ikea kitchen cabinets for about 8 years now, they run their dryer constantly and all the cabinets are still perfect.

  5. Eli says:

    I reused the copper knob from the old cabinet because the doorhandle and other knobs are still copper. Maybe I’ll replace all of them together at some point.

    Barbara: I’m not worried. Faktum are kitchen-grade, and melanine-covered particleboard is melanine-covered particleboard. Guess which description is from the Faktum and which from the Lillangen cabinets:

    “Covered with melamine, which provides a moisture- and scratch-resistant finish that is easy to clean.”

    “Wet marks should always be dried off as soon as possible to stop moisture penetration.”

  6. Barbara says:

    Good luck with the cabinet. It looks nice but Faktum cabinets are not designed for use in a bathroom so after a while the white plastic ‘veneer’ will come off due to the damp air.. I’m sorry

  7. Anonymous says:

    Funny, the gold knob messed with me, visually, too… however, this is a great hack. My wife and I have recently started pricing vanities to pair with a sink we love and were apalled at the prices at which these babies start… Your look is clean and simple and gives us another great visual to go from (and a little faith, too!).

    Seattle, WA

  8. Miri says:

    I like the way it turned out.
    But I think the golden knob does not go with the mixer tap and the Capita feet very well.

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