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Great stamp collection on the Rast

Materials: Ikea chest Rast

I had great collection of stamps from all over the world, but it was only lying around and nobody ever took a look at it.

I glued a compilation of the most interesting stamps on top of the IKEA Rast chest. A nightmare for every serious stamp collector, because I will never be able to take it off again and some of the stamps are really rare. Afterwards I covered the stamps with a layer of plastic film, so I can wipe the chest.

The compilation looks great, the stamps are on display again and my Rast chest is absolutely unique!

It includes stamps from the 60s, 70s and 80s with many animal, flower and dinosaur pictures, from:
All over Europe,
Eastern Germany
Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries
South Africa
Eastern Europe
and many, many more.

I did this some time ago, but I am going to relocate overseas and I cannot take the chest. I am selling this currently on eBay.

~ Christian Heikaus, Düsseldorf, Germany

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8 Responses to Great stamp collection on the Rast

  1. Anonymous says:

    fajne :-)

  2. Kimble says:

    Very nice.

    I did something similar with a Benjamin stool a couple of years ago except I completely covered it with stamps then applied about 20 coats of lacquer, carefully sanding between each coat. The stool is still in very good condition and all that lacquer will probably make it last a lot longer than most Benjamin stools.

    Here’s a photo:

  3. babyAmanda says:

    you just have made it into a plastic sheet and put it on top of the chest instead of sticking onto the chest that way you can easily take it with you

    but i’m with the others. at least take the top board! dont’ sell it. it’s a apart of you!

  4. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Like the others, I agree, you should take the top off and frame it or use it on another something. Please don’t sell it! Well, ah, UNLESS you make serious bank on eBay, but I suggest you remove it and keep it. If you’re ready to let it go, FINE, BUT No Regrets!

  5. majeral says:

    I would remove the top only and make it into a picture Please don’t leave it. It will make you sad.

  6. Anonymous says:

    if you care for the stamps, take the top board with you. You can use it for a table top, headboard, wall decor – whatever. Unless you sell it well on ebay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great suggestion, Jo! This labor of love seems far too invested in to sell…

    Nice work, Christian.

    Seattle, WA

  8. jo says:

    ein schade that you must sell it. what if you take overseas with you only the top of it? to rebuy the chest at ikea later… ikea is everywhere, you know ;-)

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