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Faktum cabinet cubby hole

Faktum, Capita

When I decided to construct a hallway cabinet out of Faktum wall cabinets, I wanted to have an open space under the top where I could put keys, gloves, today’s mail, etc.

So I got the 90cm high cabinet with 70cm high doors, and I put a shelf level with the top of the doors. However, this leaves a gap between the shelf and the doors, so I glued a wood strip on the unlaminated back edge of the shelf. My original plan was to widen the indents in the bottom of the shelf, but when I tried it in backwards to test the fit, I liked the look of the wood strip in front so I left it like that.

To improve the look of the cabinet, the unused shelf holes were covered with white plastic plugs sold for the purpose at DIY stores.

~ Eli, Belgium

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10 Responses to Faktum cabinet cubby hole

  1. marcos says:


    @m.winter 1 X 0 @marcos

  2. marcos says:

    Okay okay @m.winter

    Explain the flyswatter. ;)

  3. marcos says:

    Oh hey, I just noticed, you mentioned you needed a place to put your everyday stuff right? “I wanted to have an open space under the top where I could put keys, gloves, today’s mail, etc.”

    You’ve got a flyswatter, a dirty rag, some pictures, and some piece of silver tech there (a la “beam me up Scotty”).

    Too funny :)

    Still lovin the hack

  4. marcos says:

    Wow, I really like what you did!

    You know the LANSA handles? I think I might do the same, but use them for a more streamlined look (matching the legs).

    Thanks for a great post!!

  5. m.wnter says:

    In Europe trash is not taken so often by trash companies, so flies build up? ;)

  6. m.winter says:

    @marcos get your eyes checked, that is not a rag but a pair of gloves. :P

  7. jo says:

    but, once again, silvery legs and golden knobs…
    any reason?

  8. Eli says:

    Hi Toby,

    At first I considered using a 70 cm high cabinet in the middle, but decided against it because:
    - I wanted enough support for the tablet I put on top, I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t sag over the 80 cm wide gap when unsupported.
    - the wall would be visible at the back of the cubbyhole.
    - more importantly, the top of each cabinet has these holes for the 4 metal screw thingies…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please note that “Heathers” comment above is nothing but spam. It should be deleted.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey, nice Cabinet!
    But why didn’t you use two 70cm cabinets instead of the 90cm ones? 90 70 70 90?



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