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EXPEDIT board in IKEA sale corner to a nice coffee table in my home

Materials: 1PC – EXPEDIT Board AUS$19, 2 Pack of EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket 9, 2 Pack of $15.00/2 pack, 8 Pcs screw nuts that suit the thickness of the board (Not included with bracket), 4 Pcs of metal nuts from EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket


1. Turn the board upside down.

2. Attach EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket with the screws in to each corner of the board (flat chrome side face out).

3. Screw in the metal nuts that come with the EKBY BJÄRNUM Bracket to the hole that appear on one side of EXPEDIT Board to cover it up.

~ Kanya, Melbourne

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7 Responses to EXPEDIT board in IKEA sale corner to a nice coffee table in my home

  1. Kanya says:

    Hi all Thanks for the comments!

    Nicolas the size is 78 cm x 115 cm x 5 cm (W x L x D) – I was accidentally saw this board and like it, Yet didn’t know what to do with. After I hv looked up on this blog and it’s just inspired me. So I created this… U can find something similar and put together just like mine. Worst case u can sawing in the rectangle shape and use the brackets to make 2 shelves instead. :-) . (But just make sure the thickness of the board will be fit in to the bracket)

    I am in australia and hardly get a real good bargain for unscratched item. So yeah I know what u said. U r lucky thing live in the US! :-)

    Thanks again for the compliment. I have to also forward this and mine compliments to all the people who post the great ideas here.. No matter how big or how small. Its shows that u r all think outside the square and i loved yr passion!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this coffee table you created, I’ve been looking for something like this, and here are the plans. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to copy your very fine idea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    IKEA Australia always seems very miserly with their as-is section. I’ve seen furniture with major parts missing, and badly scratched – and they’re still asking for 3/4 of new price!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oops.. I mean expect, not except :D

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where are you, Anonymous?

    If you’re in the US, I’d except it to be cheaper than in Aus. I gather things generally are, regardless of the exchange rate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You got ripped off on that board. They are always priced <$10 for something like that. I think its only like $30 normally! I’ve bought similar for 2.99

  7. Nicolas says:

    what size is that board?
    does it have an article no?

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