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Bedroom dress boys

Materials: Two Bertil chairs, cleat, glue, screws, drill, circular saw, paint.

Description: Our bedroom is tightly spaced, and we needed a place for clothes in between wearing and ready for laundry. Inspired by a design from Laphoeff I bought two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs and made them into dress boys.

I used a circular handsaw to cut the seats in half. A French cleat under the remaining piece of the seat holds the chairs to the walls, making them easy to remove for cleaning etc. Doesn’t take up much room but holds quite bundle of clothes, de-cluttering the room. The chairs were originally black, I painted them white to match the colour scheme.

~ G.V.M., The Netherlands

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78 Responses to Bedroom dress boys

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  2. Tira-Mi-Su says:

    That great hack was really inspiring for me! :)

    Our IKEA selfmade dress boys are hanging in the air:

  3. Hugh says:

    Hillarious!! A a good way :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ikea in Anderlecht (Belgium) has this set up in the store

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wished for one of Wegner’s original ‘Jakkens Hvile’ (Coat’s Rest) dresschairs, but this is an ingenious alternative! Thanks.

  6. Denise says:

    This is genius! I just found this website and the creativity I found here is just stunning. I love this hack, this is so amazing! Imagine the chairs floating!

  7. kastebo says:

    For me this is the hack of the century! Love it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Gonna build tomorrow!

  9. Twist4D says:


  10. This was a good suggestion for a room with limited space. It looks so cool.

  11. G.V.M. says:

    I’ve put up a video of the dressboys on youtube to show how easy they are to remove:

  12. Oh, my goodness! This is top notch beauty!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wait — a “circular handsaw”? Whoa.

  14. Anonymous says:

    great, it’s really good idea

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lovley :) mm mm mm nice :) /// Snygg Kevin

  16. Contempo says:

    That has got to be the coolest idea I have ever seen for hanging clothes!

  17. G.V.M. says:

    Thanks for the positive comments everyone!

    Frank, nice variation with the shelf on top. Never would have thought of that.

    Anonymous: the structure with the 3 panels is a radiator cover, also an Ikea hack:

  18. havardak says:

    Hello G.V.M.

    Can you please contact me on my email: [email protected] as soon as possible? I am writting a school paper on my master degree in product design, and really wanna talk to you about your redesign of the chair!

    Hope to hear from you!


  19. Anonymous says:

    What is the structure with the three panels?

  20. Frank says:

    Really nice ! I made a similiar project but put a shelf on top of it. I wanted something original for show pictures :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    It almost seems postmodern in a way. The chair is no longer just used to occasionally (or in some cases constantly) hang clothes upon, but has become the clothes holder itself breaking beyond its classification.

    Nice work!

  22. arinaNizan says:

    this is like the wildest thing ever!never thought anyone would come up with things like this! IT IS SPECTACULAR!!! love it!

  23. Joshi says:

    I just have to say that I love this idea!! As soon as I´m back from my holiday´s I´ll add tis to my sleeping room!

  24. Jules says:

    G.V.M I tried emailing you at the email you gave me when you sent in the hacks but it was undelivered. Could you get in touch with me please at ikeahacker at gmail dot com? Thank you.

  25. G.V.M. says:

    Thanks Anonymous, I could not email her so I posted a comment on her blog. I’m OK with her using the material, but without her making it clear she’s quoting directly and without a link to this original post, she does create the impression of plagiarism – passing it on as if it were her ideas. Not very tasty.

  26. Lynzie says:

    I love this! What a wicked idea.
    Modern yet practical! Just my style:)

  27. Anonymous says:

    How clever! Great boy appeal!

  28. Jules says:

    Thanks Anon. I’ve written to her. :)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Note that someone is using your photos (credited) and words (not credited) on another blog:

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    beautiful…but I must ask, where’s the other halves?

  32. Anonymous says:

    My husband said to take the front part of the chair and secure it to the wall next to the head of the bed! I love this look.

  33. House Design says:

    I am very pleased to read your post. I found your site in google / reader. Your site is very good that this post is recommended by google to me to read it

  34. Syafrin says:

    this post is very interesting. no wonder so many people who comment on this post including me. there is indeed a smart person. thanks for the info

  35. G.V.M. says:

    If I remember correctly, I sanded the chairs with fine paper and then applied at least two coats of paint, sanding in between coatings as well. I prefer water-based paint for indoor use (better smell, less solvents) so I used acrylic paint.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations for the idea and realisation. I plan to do the same, I have a little practical question: Did you paint them directly in white using specific paint or did you sand the black paint first?
    Thanks for your help and bravo again!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, Exceptional….

  38. We’ve used the cheaper chairs (15€ per piece) simply because they had two knobs on top to hang shirts etcetera:

    Best hack of the year, thanks for that!!!

  39. Emma says:

    woww…lol hack chair dress boys

  40. G.V.M. says:

    @Molly: Laphoeff did that, combining this dress boy with a wardrobe and night stand made from the other half of the chair. See:

  41. Molly says:

    One of the best hacks I’ve ever seen! Brilliant!
    The other half of the chairs could be used as narrow nightstands or display stands, fixed in the same way.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Coolest thing Ive ever seen. Should belong to a museum exhibit.

  43. Dusty Hammer says:

    Fantastic idea. A really cool piece of functional wall art and the added benefit of never having to be yelled at about clothes left on the floor.

    For an additional touch you could also add “His” and “Her” labels on the back – just to make sure you are left with one of these great clothing racks.

  44. Anonymous says:

    That is awesome. I want my own.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous and creative! I wonder how many ways we could hack this hack…

  46. Anonymous says:

    A real wonderful hack. Finally!

  47. Okok says:

    Alice in Wonderland comes to my mind… What’s up with those chairs? Is someone sitting on them at the other room? :D

    Beautiful AND useful ;)

  48. tinajo says:

    FUN and great idea! :-)

  49. Diablolica says:

    Pomysł jest genialny ;-)

  50. Anonymous says:

    This is great!!!

  51. Stacey says:

    Brilliant! Keeping this on file to use in our daughter’s room.

  52. G.V.M. says:

    In response to the comment about the construction of the seat: good reminder, but it’s not a real problem. With half the chair, of the original connections holding the seat to the chair, only the one at the back in the centre remains (a small bracket that slots into a slit in the frame). I didn’t use any extra measures. The original bracket provides enough tension for the small strip of remaining seat to remain in place, given the forces working on the construction. One of the two seats is a bit loose (I can slide it out with some force), if it would become too loose I would use some glue to attach it, the forces are too small to require a bracket. Or two small screws through the seat to the frame would work (requires some work to camouflage).

  53. I LOVE this hack, it is a brilliant idea and beautifully realised

  54. mobeldesign says:

    The Dutch seem to do the best damn Ikea hacks! Whats with that? I think this is a serious contender for best of 2010.

  55. Anonymous says:

    just wow!

  56. Ivy says:

    Very classy, elegant and good-looking to boot!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Cool idea.

  58. logicalnot says:

    Best hack of the year.

  59. Anonymous says:

    So much character. Clean but artistic, and quite useful to boot!

    Seattle, WA

  60. Dorothy says:

    SO clever! Well done!

  61. Anonymous says:

    I nominate this for the best hack playoffs of 2010.

  62. Marinka says:

    Best hack of 2010

  63. Anonymous says:


  64. Me says:

    Hahaha… I really like it.

  65. Anonymous says:

    be careful with that type of mounting. it’s mounted to the seat of the chair and there isn’t much holding it on anymore. if you put enough weight on the back of the chair the seat would give way pretty quickly. Perhaps adding some small metal brackets could secure the seat to the frame?

  66. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. AND: I have enough space for this.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous! I have no wall space, but I’d love to do something like this. I drape my clothes on a chair near my desk already, but this is sooo much prettier! Love this site!

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