Published on October 28th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Small cheap IVAR hack: from cupboard to low cabinet

Materials: IVAR cabinet, 1 Trecket, 4 Besta legs, 4 screws, 2 pieces of wood

I had the IVAR small cabinet fixed to a IVAR unit which I dismantled. I needed a small cabinet unit elsewhere in my kitchen but didn’t want to spend too much so I hacked the IVAR.

Paint the Ivar AND the 2 pieces of wood. (better to do this first contrary to what I did)
Use plenty of paint in successive layers.
Drill 4 holes at the bottom of the IVAR. Drill not in the middle of the wood base of the cabinet, but at the bottom of the wood sides to have more wood/support for legs.
Fix each Besta leg per hole.
They’ll go a bit out of the size of the cabinet so…:
screw the two pieces of wood at the right size to Ivar.
Fix the Trecket handle and that’s it!

Instead of Besta legs, you can also fix castors or other models of legs. I simply took the less expensive as it was the goal of the project to invest a minimum.

~ Jerry, Belgium

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One Response to Small cheap IVAR hack: from cupboard to low cabinet

  1. Peter @ RX Confidential says:

    Cool blog indeed! I’m actually just two hours away from the birth place of IKEA (Älmhult) and regularly visit, more or less for nostalgic reasons since I’ve got another IKEA closer to me. Got tons, literally, of IKEA stuff in my house and even more in the garage and some of those would make perfect candidates for a hack. Thanks, gave me some excellent ideas!

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