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Published on October 12th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Cabinet and washing-machine frame

Materials: PAX

Description: I would like a base cabinet in my bathroom and at side a frame for my washing-machine.

See the plan step-by-step but please see the additional warning and tips below.

When you buy the legs mind that legs+cabinet will result more height than your washing machine. Pay attention to the assembling of the legs and fix it across the cabinet-bottom AND the cabinet-sides: this will make all more strong.

I used the “rubberized feet” in order to avoid that shelf could touch water on the floor.

I didn’t find rubberized feet in Ikea, but you would be better than me.

If you can, avoid to cut the shelf by a hand saw: result will be probably not good. You can find somewhere who can cut it for you with a machine.

Before placing in the top, install the drawers or cabinet door in order to have the correct dimension of the completed cabinet.

Don’t wonder regards fix nr 1) (double-sided adhesive tape) I made my hack more then 2 years ago and it works perfectly.

See the photo with regards to the “L” bracket to join the corner.

Note that for your top width, you have to calculate:
50 cm. top of the cabinet +
2 cm. approx. the thickness of the shelf used vertically +
xx cm. your washing-machine +
2 cm. or more free space on right side of the washing-machine +
2 cm. or more free space on left side of the washing-machine +
= this is the width misure of the top you need.

Regards top depth = if your washing-machine is more depth than 60 cm. (cabinet 58cm. + 2 cm for the door thickness) you can match on the front cabinet and washing-machine BUT an empty space will be between the wall and the cabinet-back. At this point you will be forced to cover the gap with a top more depth than 60 cm.

Note also that in my case, there is a free space of 2 cm. all around (left, right and top) the washing-machine. If you observe that your washing-machine vibrate during the work you MUST provide more free space all around it.

Last, note that a top in a different colour will appear as well as or more my top that is according to the cabinet colour.

~ Calaf, Italy

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10 Responses to Cabinet and washing-machine frame

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oooh! I have been looking for cabinet/storage solution for a min-fridge w/freezer. I am going to spec. this out, it seems like it would work perfectly!

  2. Dan T says:

    Wish we had these smaller PAX cabinets in the US!

    The washers and dryers are available here, though they’re much less common. Look at models by Bosch, Asko, or Miele.

  3. prue says:

    @ anon: these slow washing-machines use less water and energy than the faster ones. we have them in germany, too.

  4. Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog says:

    these cabinets are just wonderful, the serve the purpose of housing the washing machine as well as provide ample storage space for clothing as well as other washing material, i really liked this set up, very convienent and simple

  5. What a good idea, also, most dryers in the UK are the same size as the washer you used so will fit as-well and for those with a really small kitchen a small electric oven or other kitchen utilities would fit on top, because I think it would not be a good idea to put the computer on the desk with a washer underneath because the vibration may damage the PC.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I figured washing machines would be similar everywhere…but then I stayed with a family in denmark and needed some laundry done.

    I am used to a wash cycle taking a little over 30 minutes and a dry being 45-an hour(depending on wetness/volume/material). I think the washing machine I used in denmark took something like 1.5 hours to do the wash.

  7. IKEA Spotter says:

    This is a great idea. The instructions are really thorough, too. I love the small European washing machines. This set up can easily be adapted for a variety of uses…although my mind is drawing a blank at the moment.

  8. jo says:

    in italy this is a regular sized washer. we have smaller too.
    sai a cosa devi fare attenzione? il mobile è forse troppo vicino al radiatore, e potrebbe rovinarsi, oltre che non lasciar passare l’aria calda. qualsiasi sito di case “ecologiche, verdi”, ecc ti Sconsiglierebbe di posizionare un mobile in quel posto

  9. Moontree says:

    That is really nifty! I don’t think they even make washers that small in the US.

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