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Published on September 2nd, 2010 | by Jules Yap


The ultimate scarf organizer

Materials: GRUNDTAL Towel rail, and S hooks, BINDER CLIPS

Description: I needed a way to store Scarves. If you have a basket or some sort of closet thing, you will know that it SUCKS. Because scarves need to be seen, and not folded. They also need to be organized in a way that does not leave them in a massive pile on the floor every morning. NO SUCH INVENTION EXISTS. Until now.

Install the GRUNDTAL two pole towel rack into the wall at about 6 feet from the ground. Hang the S hooks from it and then attach about 2 Binder clips per hook. You can not just hang the scarves on the S hooks directly – you will get tears and bumps and they will fall off constantly. Now clip all of your scarves to the binder clips. You may peruse through your scarves with a simple click click click.

See more of the scarf organizer.

~ Mae Callen, Ottawa, Ontario

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8 Responses to The ultimate scarf organizer

  1. Robin Daugin says:

    Can I do this using shower hooks instead if s hooks and clips?

  2. Edwina says:

    OMG! this is so great! I have a big basket of scarves and it is such a pain to find one that often I just skip wearing them. Im not sure that I have space form this in my current place but I might try incorporating the scares into my closet.

  3. Letitia says:

    Hi, lovely decorative solution. If you would use the Riktig rings around the rail, they will not fall of like S hooks can.

  4. DJinny says:

    You have a beautiful home! I love the entry way like this!! wow!
    and the idea is neat too, just hope that the “s” shaped hook don’t come off all the time!

  5. ~m says:

    i do something similar, only i use binder rings or key rings. i thread the scarves through the quarter-sized hole so that they’re not bound or clipped in any way.

  6. FL Mom says:

    The scarves add nice color to the corner of the room. Neat idea! And it can handle variations with different types of hooks, clips, or whatever devices a person wants to use.

  7. Sing says:

    Very clever. I too like my scarves to be seen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t wear scarves, but I just found a great new blog.

    Thanks Beth!


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