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Published on September 22nd, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Reclaimed wood desk


Description: I really love some of those reclaimed wood desks but they are quite expensive, so I decided to buy these white and clean table legs (VIKA ANNEFORS, VIKA LERBERG) and start a quest for old and damaged wood pieces to create a contrasting look.

1- I found redwood beams/mantles and cleaned and dry them for about 2 days.
2- I used some tools to distress even more the reclaimed wood, particularly the edges.
3- Using glue and clamps, I putted all the pieces together and added two metal joints underneath to reinforce.
4- I applied a wood stain and sealer coat to protect wood and enhance the color.

Voila! The desk or worktable stands out with all the other Ikea elements in white. You can be creative and add marks and elements as you wish (nails, decals, paint drops, etc.)

~ Rix Cerezo, Glendale, CA

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10 Responses to Reclaimed wood desk

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve looking for a desk like this, so far I can only find the style and length I need but the prices are insane, see what I mean:

    best of all I love the name you used instead all those crazy Swedish names

  2. J (Westcoast) says:

    Thanks for sharing your hack.

    I took your idea and tweaked it a bit for our “custom” desk. We used two VIKA LERBERG trestles and added a NUMERAR solid Oak countertop to create that warm wood/white look.

  3. Elsa says:

    Gorgeous! I love the combination of textures: warm, weathered reclaimed wood coupled with the sleekness of the white legs. It’s a great way to marry the two looks in a room.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this is lovely. I also like Frank’s supplement, varnishing to aid cleaning (prob because I have kids, I look at everything with a “nice, but how easy is it to clean” lens).

    Thanks Rix, and thanks Frank.


  5. nycitysky says:

    This is great. Old warm wood is beautiful for its imperfections. It feels good to the touch also. The wood box on the floor it nice too.

  6. dorseph says:

    I think it’s beautiful. Where did you find the wood?

  7. David says:

    I really like the way that you have designed this furniture, I love the modern IKEA look mixing with the rough, natural wood. And i think the chips and dents are all part of the charm!

  8. Patricia Tryon says:

    All the pieces of collectible and antique furniture from my family have some dings, dents, chips, scratches, and worse. This piece would fit right in — well, at least the top of it would ;)

  9. Frank says:

    That looks pretty nice… But generally I find it a bad idea to have furniture with chips and dents. Even if it is intentional you get stuff in there that is hard to clean out, and things can sometimes snag on the edges even when they seem soft enough to the touch.

    In short, I like the idea and the wood, but I would have worked it over to get a smooth surface. More work, same-ish look, less hassle. And if you HAVE to have the pock marks, I suppose you could always fill them in with clear drying epoxy glue before varnishing or whatever – flat surface to the touch, dented to the eye.

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