Published on September 30th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Almost a Mandal Wall hack

Materials: BODÖ bed (not on the US page), Malm storage unit x2, Lack wall shelf (any size you choose) and a battery drill with bits and drills.

Description: I where greatly inspired by the Mandal Wall-mounted headboard (see here and here), but thought it was too expensive.

By luck I found the bed part (BODÖ) for my hack, in the basement for my apartment, and asked my landlord if I could have it.

I took off the legs, and turned the brackets underneath 90 degrees and put them back on. I made two holes in each of the two brackets farthest apart with a metal drill, for the screws that would hold it on the wall.

When mounting the bed too the wall, be sure to use the right kind of plugs for your wall type, and use some heavy duty screws.

After the wall mounting, I put a mirror in the middle of my new wall hack, and then placed my Malm storage units underneath it.

I bought myself 4 Lack shelves at 11’3/4″ x 12’1/4″ to mount in “the bed”. Luckily the space between the boards is exactly the same as the height of the shelves, so they fit right in.

Last I decorated with a painting made by my girlfriend and some other stuff.

I must confess that I’m rather proud of my first Ikea hack. It was pretty easy to do, and the result is actually pretty good.

Hope this will inspire some of the European readers in here, as the bed is only sold here.

~ Anders Dalsgaard, Denmark

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6 Responses to Almost a Mandal Wall hack

  1. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    Good Job! It’s pretty good looking. To better balance the shelves should be moved, with one side up and the other side down. Then move the mirror down, more to the middle. A longer shelve would look great on this too!

  2. punk-apple says:

    That’s the exact bed frame I want! In king size.. I thought I had seen it in IKEA catalogs and that was the case, but why don’t they sell that model here in US too? Want.
    And an awesome hack of it too.

  3. Anders says:

    Glad this could inspire you people :)

  4. wow!!!this my bed!!!this is a great idea!!never though my bed could turn into something sooo cool!!!thanks

  5. Sheri says:

    I’ve never seen wall furniture shelves like this?

    It’s absolutely beautiful,and so unique!!

    Great pictures,and this is gonna give mne some ideas for my livingroom now.Just amazing!!

  6. DJinny says:

    This is a great, great idea!!!!
    I had bee looking for a cheaper alternative since forever!!! And I really like the use of lack shelves, thicker is prettier, and you can alternate with longer ones, too!!

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