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Permanent to non-permanent lighting fixture conversion

Materials: Cord set e26 and KRYP Fish light fixture

Description: Basically taking a light fixture that was meant to be an installed structure and converted it into a movable wall plugged in solution with a switch.

See more of the wall mounted fixture.

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12 Responses to Permanent to non-permanent lighting fixture conversion

  1. Oh wow,, This light you can make easily at your home. Here you give the snaps for how to make this type of light but I can’t get success. Can you give brief description.. ?? Thanks

  2. FL Mom says:

    @jeanene: It’s good that people are concerned. It just seemed so harsh to be scolding the OP for something he didn’t even do.

    As for the light shining in the baby’s eyes, maybe the “business end” would be pointed that way instead of the noggin, so you could see that you’ve cleaned thoroughly, put diaper cream on the right spots, etc.? The person’s blog gives lots more detail, but I wish he’d put just a little more description here too.

  3. jeanene says:

    It is a very cute light but I think it should go somewhere else and tilt the fixtures so the light bounces off the wall. Have you tried looking up into this light to see how bright it is? I think it’s too much. Poor little person has just got here with their brand new eye balls. Cute idea tho. People are just concerned, some have no tact in relaying that message. Sorry.

  4. FL Mom says:

    Yeah, what Anon at Aug 20 7:13PM said. Surely the baby would first swallow all the wipes and inhale the baby powder before yanking the lamp cord while rolling off the “mattress” that’s only 2 inches from the top of the rail –IF that were a crib. Sheesh, people, don’t be so quick to criticize something that you don’t even realize what you’re looking at.

    OP: You’ve made a fine solution to a dimly lit changing area. And I like the mural on the wall too.

  5. eva says:

    its so cute, babies will surely enjoy watching it because of its color and design.the fact that babies are attracted to dark colors.

  6. Laura says:

    um, so why do you need spotlights on the baby…poor thing will be blinded by them…oh then apparently absorb lead into it’s body, but that is ok…the cord will strangle it.

  7. Chedder Fish says:

    I did this with the SIMILA SOL in my apartment. My scrap room only had a switch to outlet connection so I had to do something and when I saw this sun I had to do it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    it’s a changing table, not a crib. A baby wouldn’t be unsupervised any way

  9. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 10:10am poster-

    Those tiny cord holders “attaching” the yellow cord to the wall are so wimpy. A curious baby could EASILY pull those out.. and then they, too, become choking hazards.. with nails! Nice. Oh, and a lot of the plastics in cords contain lead and/or chemicals that a baby could absorb if they put it in their mouth or play with it in their hands and then put their hands in their mouth.

    No, not everything in the world is a choking hazard. But is it worth the risk of having a life-changing emergency? I wouldn’t say so..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Um, the yellow cord is clearly attached to the wall in several places, I don’t see how it could be a choking hazard. Not everything is the world is a choking hazard, only things that can fit into a baby’s mouth, and it it clearly not a strangulation hazard because there is no way it could get around the baby’s neck.

    Nice work!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why would you want that yellow cord right by the baby’s crib- within reach of the child when they are able to stand? It could be a choking hazard. Otherwise… its pretty cool;)

  12. Heidi says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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