Published on June 1st, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Stacked nightstands

Materials: 2 Aneboda nightstands

Description: After moving a pair of Billy bookcases into our Aneboda-stocked guest room, we realized the nightstands suddenly had no home. There wasn’t enough floorspace to keep them both around, given that we already have a narrow 5-drawer and standard sized 3-drawer dresser in there. To maintain storage space, but use less floorspace, I simply stacked the leftover nightstands, with a minor modification.

I removed the top board on the lower nightstand, and removed the feet from the upper nightstand. With a few holes drilled, I was able to fit them together with the existing twist-in metal rods and wooden dowels. I added steel L-brackets to give a bit more structural integrity between the walls of the lower unit and the floor of the upper unit.

Now we have a really nice looking place to keep spare linens and towels for the guests, and we were able to reuse about $100 worth of furniture that otherwise would have had no home.

They don’t sell these units anymore, but this is basically the same, only with 3 drawers, whereas ours has only a drawer on the bottom.

~ Benjamin, Fort Worth, Texas

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2 Responses to Stacked nightstands

  1. Charisse says:

    Good job! it looks better than I imagined it.

  2. KG Style says:

    This is actually a very interesting set up. It actually looks like it belongs together! Great job.

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