Published on June 4th, 2010 | by Jules IKEAHacker


Side table redux

Materials: EINA nightstand

Description: Prior to HACK it was in our daughters room. We wanted something to keep her stuff in and neat!

The door is 1/8″ Acrylic. I used the L shaped hinges for the door. I screwed them into the table and on the door I used a 2 part epoxy. I also used the epoxy to fix the handle and the metal piece for the magnetic door latch. The magnetic part is screwed in. The back of the table I cut a piece of 1/2″ Gator foam and used double sided gator tape.

~ SusieCC, Woodbridge

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8 Responses to Side table redux

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, very nice. I’m thinking of adding doors to an expedit unit…would you mind sharing more details about the materials you used? What is 1/8″ acrylic? Did you paint it? I’ve never seen hinges like that…where’d you find them?


  2. What I love! says:

    It was 1/8 ” white acrylic and the hinges I got at Home Depot. If you go to the hinge section it will make your HEAD EXPLODE!!! SO MANY HINGES! Anyway the magnetic latch is also from the same section and like stated above a 2 part dries in one hour epoxy. I used gator foam for the back because is it 4X stronger that regular foam core and can take a hit or two.

  3. Woodhaven Office Outfitters says:

    i Love that…

  4. wood flooring Denver says:

    nice table with doors where to keep stuff in and very neat!

  5. wow, it’s very creative design!

  6. Philadelphia Office Furniture says:

    great design.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s unfortunate that the Eina has been discontinued, joining so many other great and useful ikea pieces in the graveyard.

  8. sandeep singh says:


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