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Super-sized spice rack

Materials: Blanken bath rack, Grundtal S-hooks

Description: I turned a Blanken bath rack into a great kitchen spice rack.

Why do this? Because I have a lot of spices and all the normal spice racks are just too small. The Blanken rack on the other hand is nearly 70cm long and 2 jars deep. It is also very light, so may easily be hung under my cupboards, and is also very cheap.

I reshaped three Grundtal S-hooks using pliers, a hammer and a vice, so that they would hook into the Blanken rack, and hold it at an approximately 45 degree angle when hung up.

Then I simply screwed 3 cup hooks into the underside of my cupboards, hooked the S-hooks into the rack and hung it up. Job done. Actually not quite – you also have to write the names of your spices on their tops if it isn’t already printed there.

Some words of caution: there is one potential problem with Blanken as a spice rack, which is that its ends are open, so small jars pushed to the ends will fall through them. However this is easily solved, either simply by placing jars that are too big to fall through at the ends (Douwe Egberts coffee jars happen to be the perfect size for this task); or by adding your own ends. This could be card or plastic cut to size and glued in place, or just some string or cable ties across the ends.

~ Thomas Ashley, UK

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10 Responses to Super-sized spice rack

  1. Online Ged says:

    Great blog and post, keep it up i will be subscribing to your feed!

  2. online Diploma says:

    the great way of utilizing the space in Kitchen will definitely look forward for it.

  3. Jason Bartholme says:

    Awesome idea. I’m heading to IKEA on Saturday and will be doing this for my new house. Incidentally, I run a spice site too Spice Blender. My recipes are solid, I just need to devote some time to taking pretty product pics and sprucing up the web site.

  4. I really like how you organize your spices on the picture with the spice rack. It’s clean, accessible and well organized. great post!

  5. Spice Rack says:

    It’s very accessible kind of spice rack I really need this kind of spice rack for my small kitchen.

  6. Spice Rack says:

    Wow.. This is very innovative! Nice post! I wonder if could use some of my old garage junk for my spice rack.

  7. Traxy says:

    Thanks for this! I have the same problem – too many spice jars, too small spice racks! Might just give this one a try! :)

  8. Spice Rack says:

    I’m very interested to this one. I have a very small kitchen and I really need to organize my things. Spice rack really is the ideal kitchen tool to arrange chef’s place.

  9. Lauren says:

    This is one of the smartest spice rack inventions I’ve seen. And I know because I own a spice rack company,

    Happy Cooking!

    • Lorna says:

      Hey Lauren – I own one of your spice stacks – it’s brilliant in my RV! I was just thinking I need another one for my new condo. I like this hack but having just spent $20K on custom cabinetry and quartz counters, I prefer to have my gear tucked away.

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