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Say hello to my little (speaker) stands!

Materials: Ikea Shoe Rack (Lustifik)

Description: First and foremost I have to qualify/justify why I made these speaker stands (before the audiophiles out there cry blasphemy and take me for a fool not understanding the need for a $300 USD stand with zero resonance and spikes/cones for legs)

1) I needed to space out the speakers on my system to create a larger soundstage.

2) To me speaker stands are glorified stools

3) I don’t have a proper workshop. (Over here in Singapore we live in tiny 3 room sardine cans which we spend our whole life’s paying for). And as such anything I would do to modify/hack had to be simple.

4) Did I mention I think speaker stands are just glorified stools?…I ain’t gonna pay $300 USD for stools!

So, one Friday afternoon I spent my time walking around my friendly Ikea store..I had been inspired by other cool ikeahacks (ie. Sexy legs stands, lamp/stands..) and wanted to do one myself…

Lo and behold! $6 USD shoe racks!..And at the optimum floor to sitting ear height of 60cm!

The mod work is rather simple.

1) Open and assemble said racks (you don’t really need to follow the provided 1 page manual)

2) Cut a wooden board to fit the top where the speaker is going to sit on

3) Spray paint the whole thing midnight black ($1 USD can of spray paint)

And voila!…Speaker stands!…with a greatly expanded soundstage to boot and only for what…$13USD!!!!!

I’m sold!…

~ Lucas

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Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

13 Responses to Say hello to my little (speaker) stands!

  1. Lucas (I got to get to sleep soon) says:

    Oh…Just a suggestion: If a electric saw is at your disposal..I would highly recommend cutting the wooden board out according to the shape of the metal frame..(if you notice, the edge of the frame is rounded)..This won’t make a difference acoustically but will make it look better…

  2. Lucas (maker of said stands and part time world cup viewer) says:

    To Iken and Chelsea:

    The rack is stable..STEADY BOM PI PI to be precise (Singaporeans will understand this) audible rattling when the speakers are in use..However as one of earlier comments stated, felt will help to further reduce vibration if any…(for the adventurous, I would recommend blu-tack. It holds it in place and allows you to further dampen any vibrations! just don’t tell your audiophile buddies or just feign ignorance when they spot it)

    …..As for the wooden board it was a simple drill and screw operation..OR, for the truly lazy or hand tools impaired, perhaps black cable ties could be used..of course,you will have to make four holes into the wooden board which will then allow you to fasten the board directly to the metal frame..I guess it’s up to you and whats available and possible..

    Thank You for all your kind comments!

  3. Lucas (maker of said stands) says:

    To Tim Gray:

    Thanks Tim!..Erm..yes..additionally for your information, when I bought the paint,it was placed in a acoustically absorbing, ascetically pleasing… red plastic bag.Ha..I concur on the whole audiophile thing…and carpets do work wonders for sound control..

  4. Lucas (maker of said speaker stands) says:

    My reply to “Commentbug said…

    Simple, but still cool.”

    Thanks Mr Bug!!

  5. Lucas (maker of said speaker stands) says:

    My reply to : ” May 28, 2010 8:24 AM
    Anonymous said…

    If you do Audio-Mixing you will have 2 monitor speakers next to/on your desk. Audio mixing asks for a whole other setup anyway… (Besides special speakers: no hifi-amplifier, etc.)

    Monitor speakers? Built in amp?And yes I would have a desk for that kinda thing, would’nt I? But thanks for the comment!Will keep that in mind when I mix my next erm…album?

  6. Lucas (maker of said cheap speaker stands) says:

    My reply to”Anonymous said…

    I can really understand your unwillingness to pay hundreds of dollars for speaker stands (although I wouldn’t call them “glorified stools” ;) ). If you don’t have $1000++ speakers, there is truly no need for such things.”…

    Thank You for your kind words!..Felt was a great idea!…And I think the English in your reply is already good as it is!…Perhaps for some street cred’ you could throw in a “fo’sure” or a “fer snizzle” for emphasis!haha!…


  7. Chelsea says:

    Great idea! We’re looking at doing this for our new setup. I like the comments about adding felt–think we’ll do that for sure. One question though, how did you attach the wooden board to the stand? Or did you? And to repeat Iken–how stable are they?

    Good work!

  8. Iken says:

    YO! glad to see a fellow SGreans posting hacks here!!

    one qns, is the rack stable? is it shaky when u placed the speaker on top of it?

  9. Tim Gray says:

    Are those stands made out of low oxygen direction metal painted with a non resonant paint in a swirly pattern as to not color the sound?

    Note: ignore audiophiles, 90% of their claims are fake. $0.50 a food lamp cord sounds as good as $250.00 a foot special high end speaker cable. I went to college for electronics and learned audio engineering as a minor.. I know the math and physics, and audiophiles like to ignore that part of audio… More expensive = good to them.

    putting up sound control in the room will do more than anything else… Awesome creation of speaker stools!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you do Audio-Mixing you will have 2 monitor speakers next to/on your desk. Audio mixing asks for a whole other setup anyway… (Besides special speakers: no hifi-amplifier, etc.)

  11. Anonymous says:

    60cm is only good if you’re listening from a couch.
    It’s not tall enough if you’re doing audio mixing from your desk. Need at least 36 inches. (91cm)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Adding the felt pieces is a great idea— and totally agree w/ the “stools” comment– that’s what they are indeed! Great use of making do & looks stylish too^^

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can really understand your unwillingness to pay hundreds of dollars for speaker stands (although I wouldn’t call them “glorified stools” ;) ). If you don’t have $1000++ speakers, there is truly no need for such things.

    Your hack looks both funtional and pleasing, nevertheless I would change 2 things:

    1) I hate cables! This is why I would try to attach the speaker cable to the rear left pole (for the left speaker that would be the rear right pole) so it isn’t floating around freely but sitting on the floor.

    2) I’m one of those “wannabe audiophiles” (the one’s who maybe could appreciate high quality hi-fi systems but cannot afford them) so I would add some round pieces of felt to the bottom of your speakers.
    That would reduce the vibrations. You could also add some felt to the bottom of the stand to increase the level of reduction.

    Other than that, really nice and practical!

    (BTW: If someone would take the time to correct my english or point out some “non-english sounding” sentences I would be glad :P )

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