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Published on May 26th, 2010 | by Jules IKEAHacker


LACK of style

Materials: 2x LACK shelving units, 2x LACK small shelf, 1x LACK large shelf, 2×3 GRUNDTAL spots and dimmer

Description: The inspiration came from a trendy furniture store where they had this white furniture in front of this blue-green wall. As it was way over my budget, I had to improvise: enter the Ikea LACK shelves.

1. I used 2 LACK shelf units and 3 LACK shelves and a number of MDF panels.

2. Two green neon tubes were built inside the LACK shelf units as well as 6 GRUNDTAL spots on 2 dimmers.

3. All the cables go behind the MDF-panels, covered in white fake fur, which are placed ~2cm in front of the wall.

4. from 4mm MDF boards I made new fronts for the lack shelf units to make the 4 compartments somewhat look like old-school tv screens.

5. The top and sides of the shelf units are laminated with white plastic foil, so they look like they are made out of one solid piece.

Voila! I’m so happy with the result that I sometimes close the curtains just so I can put on the lights in my shelf. :)

See more of Bram’s stylish Lack.

~ Bram D., Netherlands

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The Author

Jules IKEAHacker

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

15 Responses to LACK of style

  1. Hey Jules. I saw your post on Ikea Hackers: LACK of style, and I had a question about how you went about setting up the dimmers for the Grundtal puck lights. I have been doing some research and I have only found very little on it. Can you possible point me in the direction of the type of dimmer you used for the project? and also how you set it up?

  2. netgyks says:

    This is outstanding, incredible, inspiring! It’s the perfect solution for the big blank wall in my eat-in kitchen area, substituting the bottom shelf for a low white sideboard. I dig the whole “pet the furry wall” vibe too :)

  3. ghostaliaz says:

    You sure do not have a lack of style because what you have done with this hack is so cool & awesome. I worship you IKEA Hack Furniture God (he he). Just expressing how nice this is, Wow You Rock! & i have got to try this my self. Thanks for such a great hack!

  4. Bram D says:

    The outside cuts are done by the DIY-store where I bought the MDF. The inner panels are done free hand with a ‘schrobzaag’ (sorry, don’t know the english word for that); a small handsaw shaped like a bread knife.

  5. LMisterek says:

    can you describe how you cut the mdf? Did you just free hand? Jig saw? Thank you! Great idea

  6. Bram D says:

    Thanks all for your nice comments! Much appreciated!

  7. marichucky says:

    wow, it’s fantastic!!! I like how it looks like a much more expensive piece of furniture!
    I’m impressed, congrats

  8. Vee says:

    LOVE the whole ROOM! Everything is so stylish!

  9. AR says:

    My friend and i love to go to ikea and snicker at the names of things- FARTY G (some lamp thing) ASPUDDIN (a bathroom cabinet!) and GRUNDTAL (oh come on!) among them. Low humor, i know, but i cannot help it, hah.

  10. Bram D says:

    the white bookshelf is another DIY-project; it’s a copy of the ‘Random’ by MDF-Italia. It is 25cm deep. If you scroll down here, you’ll see some pictures how I made it:
    The retro wallpapers are from several different places. All of them are modern vinyl papers with a retro print. This company in Germany have a great collection:

    Good to remind me to go to the Plasticarium. I’ve never been there but it is definitely on my list!

  11. KG Style says:

    I love this wall! I love your use of shelfs to create a focal wall! Kudos to you! It is absolutely fab!

  12. Ikea is just so incredible with their range of very versatile items.

    Every time I see a hack, I smile.

  13. Anonymous says:

    that is a great hack – went to your flickr home tour – that is the coolest pad i have ever seen!
    where do you find your retro wall papers?
    where is the white bookshelf from (how deep is it?)
    love your low-maintenance pet (window kitty ;o)
    awe inspiring!
    have you been to the PLASTICARIUM or pop plastic museum in Bruxelles? Your mecca i think!
    thnks for sharing

  14. Moontree says:

    LOVE IT.

    Especially your awesome vintage tv (?) and that gorgeous turquoise wall!

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