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Ikea for music!

Materials: Expedit, Lack, Antonius etc

Description: I was long looking for a suitable solution for my growing music homestudio. I never found one that really fitted my needs…so i decided to make one myself!

I bought 2 EXPEDIT shelv units, 3 short LACK wall shelves, 2 inserts with drawers and 2 inserts with a door. Those are the main units and then i started to think about decoration so i grabbed a KVART lamp, a GRUNDTAL spotlight, 2 SUMMERA drawer inserts at IKEA and a few hooks and legs from a local shop.

The main EXPEDIT shelf were fitted with 5 legs, one of them fitted in the middle for added support due to the added weight of the second EXPEDIT shelf that I placed on top of the bigger one. The main EXPEDIT unit had have 2 inserts with door installed for some major storage.

On the smaller EXPEDIT shelf i installed the KVART lamp and the 2 drawer inserts and two hooks to store my cables on.

In the drawers of the small EXPEDIT shelf, i cutted and fitted some SUMMERA drawer inserts. It really fitted well and keeps my cables and other things in place and order.

The 3 LACK shelves were glued and bolted together and fitted in a such way that i could place my keyboard on it. A also attatched it with two drawer bars so i can pull it out when i’m about to play on it and hide it back in when it’s not in use.

To make this solution, i had to move one of the small shelfs to the right and by that i also created a small storage space which also has a GRUNDTAL spotlight installed that i found really cool for some backlightning when i want to get some mood and feeling during productions.

And for the last, I had to do something for my Boss GT-10 guitar effect board. I knew i would be bothered to have it by my feet all the time. So to get it out of the way when not in use, an ANTONIUS shelf (cut to match the size of the GT-10), 4 wheels of two different sizes (2 fitted with brakes) and 2 small metal brackets to keep it in place, made a perfect solution for it!

When the pedalboard is not in use…just roll it in underneath the desk!

I just love this station i built! It really fit my needs and i have a lot of fun sitting by it. And it was really fun thing to build to!

~ Steven Persson, Vestfold

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5 Responses to Ikea for music!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some great looking and functional ideas. The height of the keyboard and laptop looks a bit low perhaps? How high is it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really like it! Nice clean lines, a place for everything and it looks professional too. Specially like the way the keyboard has been integrated with own shelf and the grey inserts in the drawers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really nice!
    I can’t say anything about the sound quality of the build, but it looks efficient and “integrated” for it’s purpose.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad idea, but it will give a you a poor stereo image for any sort of mixing. EQ would be garbage too.

  5. Voj:D says:


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