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Published on May 14th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Gorm window seat

Materials: Gorm shelves, seasonal chair cushions

Description: I got the idea for this from the Instructables post on Gorm benches

Changes made were: I used the wider Gorm self, and rather than plywood I used 2 x 12′s for the top. Oddly, the 2 x 12 ( a piece of lumber that is actually 1.5 inches by 11 inches). Rather than the more sophisticated joinery used in the original, I screwed the top down with finish screws, which have the advantage of setting themselves. I then puttied over the set. I have no intention of ever moving them.

The wood is finished with Watco Danish oil. I have the black plastic Gorm feet on one side and not on the other- I can’t decide if I like them there or not.

The heaviness of the 2 x 12 tops gives the benches a very solid feel. Something to keep in mind is that if the floor is on a slant (as is right and popper for a porch, where mine are) then even if your joins are square, they will appear to be out of plumb to the eye. I wish I had considered this prior to building them, but it doesn’t bother me enough that I will be changing anything.


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6 Responses to Gorm window seat

  1. Sole says:

    I’m thinking of doing something similar with some IVAR units! Fantastic idea for kids toys storage!

  2. I love those design very stylish and creative. Fantastic Mind. I really like a lot. Thanks for the sharing this post. Nice!

  3. Linda N says:

    Curious about a cost estimate for this bench. Looks super cute by the way. Seems as though the dog likes it too.

  4. Andrea says:

    This is a great idea, and exactly what I am looking for in my new apartment, but I’m a big girl concerned about weight limits. Do you have any suggestions on how much these benches could withstand?

  5. Mel says:

    They turned out great and so much storage! Bravo!

  6. me and alice says:

    Wow what a cool blog! Love all your funny ideas!
    Have a great weekend!

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