Published on May 25th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


From bland Ikea dresser to kiddy delight

Materials: Rast chest of drawers

Description: This started life as a paint job gone horribly wrong. Eventually, after I hid the thing in the closet for months, I decided to give it a second try.

I sanded down the whole thing to get rid of the bad shellack job (not mine), then gave it 4 coats of paint and one coat of clear lacquer. I primed two of the drawers and covered them with fabric using Mod Podge Hard Coat. I also covered the top of the drawer pulls with scraps of other fabrics.

It went from “hide in the closet” to “kid’s delight”.

You can see the step by step process here.

~ Clara, PuntaCana

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2 Responses to From bland Ikea dresser to kiddy delight

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just saw this today. Nice! Like that turquoise/white fabric. Personally, I think it would look even better if all 6 of the knobs were the same dark blue/turquoise one, to make it more unified, and because it stands out better against that turquoise/white pattern. How is that mod-podged fabric holding up, a couple months later now? Where did you get the dark blue/turquoise knobs, and the turquoise/white fabric?

  2. Pricia says:

    It’s lovely and it’s a gorgeous idea to the kids’ room but the most beautiful piece is the “galo de Barcelos” (Barcelo’s Cock, one of the most known souvenirs of Portugal). I know because I’m portuguese :) . I loved it.

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