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Ikea Hacked OFFI Woody Table

Materials: Frosta Stool, Stainless Steel Bowl, Wooden Table Top, Chalkboard Paint

Description: I knew if I could make a similar looking table to the Offi Woody Chalkboard Table, IKEA would be the place to have the bentwood legs I needed. Just my luck when I came across the FROSTA stool. First, I was lucky enough to find the perfect piece for the tabletop already milled and ready to go in a side table that was set on the curb destined for the trash. Its 29″round which happened to be the perfect size to create the Offi Woody Chalkboard table that was my inspiration.

I used the stainlees steel bowl I bought at Home Goods to make the template for the middle cutout. This bowl is 7 1/2″ wide. After tracing a circle around the bowl placed on top of the wood, I made another circle 7 1/4″ wide so the the lip of the bowl would sit over the opening.

Next, I marked the center axis of the table top, and lightly drew an X on the underside of the table. These were my points to attach the FROSTA stool legs. Thanks to Ikea, with predrilled holes in the legs and supplied with the correct screws, I simply screwed the legs into place!

Last came painting the table top itself. I sanded and primed the top, and then added a few coats of Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint, and voila.

~ Meghan Shadrick, Boston, MA

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11 Responses to Ikea Hacked OFFI Woody Table

  1. Faye says:

    i love your table! however, i just got one almost identical to the one you were inspired by. i got mine at biglots for 8 bucks on clearance. and normal price is only 25. it comes with 2 matching stools ans is the same shape as the 500$ one. even the legs are the same.

    i do love your creativity and use of found objects. it looks great too!

  2. heathashli says:

    Too bad FROSTA stools were discontinued.
    Could use these legs instead

  3. Wow!!! I have to do this!!! It’s great, looks much better that the terribly expensive original. I am sure my children will love it, any young child would

  4. spaceystacey says:

    Your table looks oodles better than the Offi! Fantastic!

  5. amoskin says:

    This looks 10x better than the original!!! (I didn’t like the unfinished edges on a $400 table!) So much sleeker …

  6. DJinny says:

    Looks sooooooo much better!
    Such a great great job! I’m posting it all over!

  7. Anonymous says:

    this is so great! nice job.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great!! I will definitively do that for my children. It does look better than the way-too-freaking-expensive original

  9. Anonymous says:

    this is beautiful – great idea and execution

  10. Erin says:

    Wow! Yours looks WAY better than the actually Offi table! Great job!

  11. Courtney e says:

    LOVE THIS! What a great idea!

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