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Published on April 2nd, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Get into the details for your home office

It’s the details that make the whole ensemble work. Matching the colour, lifting the bookcases. Small touches, but nicely done. Take a look at Jennifer’s home office.

1. Expedit shelving – 2 vertical, 1 horizontal. My hubby went to Home Depot and got unfinished furniture legs, took a door to the paint department to match the color, and painted the legs to match. We wanted the shelves to look more like furniture by lifting them off the floor.

2. We bought Vika Fagerlid legs and Galant system table top, and ordered from local glass company to fit a glass on top.

3. Then, of course, the newest stools available, Egil stools, which are very comfortable!

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Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

37 Responses to Get into the details for your home office

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the room.
    It looks beautiful and neat.
    Thank you for those wonderful ideas.
    I will buy my words at Michael’s. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice room!

    Why are people posting saying Christians are getting defensive? That’s weird, I didn’t see that at all. I see quite a few anti-God comments telling the person to take down their quote in their own office. When you see other rooms do you tell them what photos/books to put on display?

  3. Rozette says:

    Love it all! I love the words. Did you do on cricut ? Trying to merge my office with craft room. This would be great for me.

  4. Eric says:

    Looks good, but would have been better without the religious fanaticism, that’s not IKEA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m also a slave of Jesus Christ. It’s a shame people dissing the content, that’s a personal issue.

    Love that you’ve got a great vision for the family though the comment about typefaces has some merit. Though you’re already done so it’s probably not worth the change now.

    Nice hack, stand strong but you don’t need to be defensive about it, people say all kinds of things and many aren’t worth taking notice of. Peace.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love the hack! And I LOVE the writing on the wall – all of it! I love people who stand up for their own beliefs. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot belive in your own home! No one has that right.

    Thank you for sharing your home improvement skills with us. Cheers!

  7. Amanda says:

    Wow! I absolutely love how you have your Expedit shelving set up! I can’t wait to have enough space and money to become that organized! I just bought my first Expedit, a 2X4 like yours, in black brown, to have set up in the vertical position. I’m also considering getting the inserts in the next couple of months. I see that you put feet on the shelves too, which I wanted to do even before I saw this post of yours. Any tips on how to install them? I have yet to construct my own shelves, or buy feet for them, so I’m not sure if there is already an easy way to do so, or if I have to drill holes myself?

    Also, do you have your vertical shelves attached to the wall, as Ikea suggests? I’m renting, so I don’t want to put huge holes in my wall unless I absolutely need to (Though I’m allowed to if need be, thankfully.) Is it safe to have it unattached, even on a short pile carpet? I don’t plan on having anything heavy on the upper shelves, so it wouldn’t be top heavy. I also don’t have children and animals that could knock it over. I’d just hate to be crafting along and have it come crashing down for no reason.

    TIA for any tips or help… that anyone here could offer me!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great work… tone down the god.

  9. MyFuZZyButtZ says:

    This room is nice and peaceful. I have a dear friend who would LOVE that sentiment on her wall! Not so much for me, though I get it and can feel it’s warmth. It’s sincere and I’m not offended by it as others seem to be. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit – literally because it’s too big for the space is the piece between the windows . . . It’s too obvious that the windows aren’t dressed with it there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is a very inspiring room. It would draw me into it, to do the fun crafts in which I partake. It is neat. It is clean. It is crisp with the pure white against the blue wall, like clouds against a blue sky…very inviting. Thank you for sharing how you put the feet on the shelving to make it more like furniture…I would LOVE to have a workspace like this. I love to make floral arrangements and homemade cards. I could see me doing both of these in that room! Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Christian and would like to know where to buy the christian message on the wall. From Italy, Sara

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why are some of you being so defensive? No one has been disrespectful about their opinion. Why are they not allowed to have an opinion about a decorative element in the room? It’s not doing anything to the OP’s faith, and anything you put on the internet (especially in interactive communities) is fair game for commentary. And why are so many of you saying you’re agnostics and athiests? Are you embarassed to admit to your own faith, or do you feel it makes your opinion more valid than a christian sticking up for the quote? What does your belief or lack of belief have to do with anything?

  13. Ted says:

    Writing on walls is just too 1998. I don’t care what it says–whether it’s ‘BISTRO’ or ‘CAFE’ in the kitchen or bad Benjamin Franklin quotes. It’s just outdated, and in this case, other posters are right: It destroys the aesthetic.

  14. speedwell says:

    Look, I’m an atheist, and while yes, that is a religious statement on the wall, the blog post didn’t say a thing about it, so we cannot argue that it was “pushed in our face” or anything like that. If anyone wants to go comment on a blog where they can grumble about religion, I comment on a few very heavy-hitting blogs to which I can direct you. I agree, this is not the place.

    Nice cabinetry work, folks. Looks perfect for a homeschool/sewing room/play area, but not so much for a “home office.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    So pretty! Does anyone know what color blue that is?

  16. Expedit is one of my favourites and I absolutely love what you have done with it here. Well done !!!!!!!

  17. Ashley says:

    Very simple, but very effective hack. Those doors & drawers though must’ve cost you a fortune, at $20/$30 each!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Looks great apart from the god stuff

  19. madame zora says:

    I think the room looks both functional and inviting- I love the colours! I like the expression of feeling on the walls. As an atheist, I’m disappointed that others can’t realise that this is someone’s private home we’ve been let into- to see her work, not comment on her beliefs.

    I’m sure it’s a joyful space for your family to spend time!

  20. Pacific NW Blogfan says:

    Looks great. How much was the glass table top and what thickness is it?

  21. COCOCOZY says:

    Any possible way someone could come do this at my house? My makeshift moving home office work area (from sofa, to chair, to kitchen counter, to bed, to top of dresser) is not working for me! Help!


  22. Skooks says:

    Love the layout of the room! Great job!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The text, with its jumble of fonts, size and type, looks like a ransom note. Which sorta spoils what’s otherwise a great hack.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I also don’t personally like the religious comment – not for content but for very poor typographic execution. The rule for designing with type is to stick to one font, maybe two, or use one font and play with sizing/spacing. Don’t do four fonts all in different sizes with inconsistent spacing in the leading and kerning. You can get away with playing with one or the other, but not all of them. It comes across as poorly planned and does ruin the look of an otherwise FANTASTIC office.

    That aside, everything else about this space is gorgeous. I will definitely use this as inspiration for my own crafting corner.

    Also, the religious people here are getting WAY defensive. You’re ruining the mood as much as the people who just made casual comments about not liking the quote. They have a right to their opinions just as much as the OP has the right to put their faith on their walls. Telling someone NOT to post their opinion on the internet is more than just a waste of time, it actively feeds the fire.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is NOT a proper place for anti-religious sentiment (and I’m an agnostic who accepts others beliefs as long as it’s not hurting anyone). They didn’t post this to preach to anyone, they just wanted you to see their IKEA hack. Nowhere in their description does God come up.

    This country was founded on religious freedom. If someone chooses to be Christian and wants to decorate their home with religious words, it should be okay. If someone wants to paper their walls with atheist quotes, it should be okay. I’ll bet that if the words were a quote from a philosopher, no one would have said anything. I think it’s sad that people have such a chip on their shoulder about something that is PERSONAL and has nothing to do with them.

    However, I agree that aesthetically ANY writing on the wall in that particular spot, be it religious or not, looks out of place in this room. But if it makes the family feel good to have that there, then it is right for them. We don’t have to live there…

  26. GwynsMom says:

    I love the God quote. I, too, live by faith, and God watches over my family, too. And, I also scrapbook and have a Cricut Expression, and a sewing machine. But not a Cuttlebug. :-) Happy Easter, everyone!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love all of it! Great job!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Really nice on the whole but the graffiti ruins it in my opinion.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Really really nice, but I agree. I get the shivers from religious stuff too. Just paint over the last line, and it’ll not just be very sweet, but damn near perfect.

    Still… beautiful home.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Looks absolutely great! Very clean and modern. But I don’t like the writings on the wall either, not because of the religious thing, but because it’s very “heavy”. Three lines is just too much, IMO it would look better if it was just one short line. Anyway, you did a wonderful work! :)

    And BTW, love the blue on the wall and how the white part reaches just as high as the “hidden” parts of the libraries. Lovely effect!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree that the mumbo jumbo writings on the wall totally ruin it. A simple writing like “carpe diem” would have done the job perfectly – even though it would be 08/15 (german slang, look it up ^^).

  32. Anonymous says:

    No, I think this is the proper place. I feel that religious mumbo jumbo ruins the aesthetic.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Please take anti-religious sentiments to an appropriate forum. This is a place for ideas, not for criticism of others’ personal beliefs.

  34. Robj98168 says:

    Very aesthetically pleasing!

  35. Anonymous says:

    It could do without the God nonsense, but otherwise it looks very nice!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Great colors, well laid out. Attractive and practical, modern and clean. Well done.

    The writing on the wall is bizarre though.

  37. Misty says: Can you help me?!?! LOL Happy Easter!

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