Published on April 24th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Customizing Expedit storage boxes

Materials: EXPEDIT shelves + DRONA box

Description: This is just a small hack but was useful for our newly painted room – sage green.

In the room we have a single 4 box Expedit shelf in a very small space. I had bought Drona boxes to go with the shelves but they come in limited colours which looked awful with our green room so I just grabbed some fabric (happens to be Ikea fabric) and fixed my small but irksome problem.

Simply take fabric that works with your room/space/colours and measure a square just slightly bigger than the front of the Drona box. (1/2 inch should do)

Fold down the edges and iron a crisp fold (ensure you have made it narrow enough to tuck under the handle/flap of the Drona, but wide enough to cover the front of the box.

I used a glue gun and just glued all around the edges of the fabric and stuck it down.

I started on the top/flap end and put the glue on the box, under the flap and then slid the fabric under the flap (using a spatula or cake knife to get it under smoothly and press the fabric onto the glue.

It’s a small thing but the room looks so much better having something that looks coordinated with the room. Everyone surprised to learn its all Ikea.

~ Meredith, Luxembourg

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5 Responses to Customizing Expedit storage boxes

  1. sturgo says:

    I like the the job that you done with these boxes. Making them blend well into the theme or ambiance is quite a feat. Good job on this.

  2. TracyLee says:

    Great idea! I was just thinking about how I could custom Drona boxes. This is an easy and practical solution and I’ll be borrowing your idea.

  3. Interior Designing Pune says:

    Amazing stuff.. Really attractive..I created something similar to the what you have posted but i used it in the step for the bunker bed and used blue and pink colors (color choice strictly demanded by client). Will be putting up the images on my site soon

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the drona boxes but never understood why they were ‘designed’ in those colours. If IKEA used your approach they’d sell so many more!

    • Susanne says:

      And I wish there would be a possibility to wash them- I mean it is fabric and after a while they somehow look a little… ugly sometimes..

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