Published on March 25th, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Besta room divider for a loft

Dividing up the room is a key to good use of space. It also does double duty as storage. Kevin does just that with the Besta in his loft.

It’s for clothes storage and to screen off the bedroom section of the loft. The only problem was the original Besta configurations didn’t fit, being either too tall or short.

Kevin writes, “So instead of using the top cabinet module they offer we used their shorter matching drawer front, attaching them with hinges to a custom built frame we installed on top of the Ikea Besta unit made with basic materials from a hardware store.”

The back half was finished with white mdf panels and turned out to be the perfect place to hang a TV.

See more of Kevin’s Besta room divider and storage or flickr photo set. Also check out the video tour of it.

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4 Responses to Besta room divider for a loft

  1. DOuglas2 says:

    Ive shopped at Ikea stores in at least 3 countries now and all of them have a clearance section where occasionally you can find the various panels for very little money.

    I also found that compared to buying equivalent panels at HomeDepot/RenoDepot/B&Q/Leroy Merlin/Brico, it is often less expensive to purchase the Ikea cabinet than it would be to purchase the materials required to make it. So just buy the Ikea cabinet with dimensions larger than you require, and make your cuts to the back and bottom of any side panels so that the finished edges remain.
    With careful measuring you can re-create the cam-hardware fastening holes by using an end-drilling jig and a forstener bit and a portable drill.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, they were pretty typical panels you can get at Home Depot or any lumber store. we used 3/4 inch (plywood like) panels for the top cabinet module and the panels we put on the back were 1/2 inch. we went with 1/2 for the panels because they won’t need to hold any real weight (Except for the LCD which is pretty light).


  3. Zane D. says:

    what kind of mdf panels? where do you find such a thing?

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