Published on February 22nd, 2010 | by Jules Yap


Super easy kid’s table hack

Nicole cuts the Ingo down to size for her kids.

“We really wanted a kid’s art table, but we werent satisfied with the kids tables sold at Ikea… way too small for 2 kids plus art supplies. Instead, we sawed the legs down on a cheap Ingo table to coffee table height…which is perfect height for the Ikea kiddie chairs.

We painted it with oil based semi gloss for a durable finish. Super easy hack and ends up being a lot cheaper alternative to the existing kid’s tables that are currently on the market in this size.”


Me on the Hobbit trail
I’m off to New Zealand for a 2-week holiday. I’m looking forward to sites like the one of the left, and lots of juicy lamp chops. In the meantime, I won’t leave you with “hackless”. Posts will come on as usual from Mondays to Fridays.

Ikea hasn’t invaded New Zealand yet (hmm… is that a good thing?) so I dunno if there are any IkeaHackers in Kiwiland. If you live in NZ and hack Ikea, drop me a note here.

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5 Responses to Super easy kid’s table hack

  1. Anonymous says:

    No IKEA here, there have been rumours for years but not ever likely to happen.

    Some people import from the Sydney store though.

  2. rhawblitzel says:

    i just got back from new zealand for two weeks.. stopped at lake matheison.. too bad it wasnt as clear as the picture you posted… hope its that spectacular for you.. as the locals say, “SWEET AS!!”

  3. Twin XL says:

    That looks great. It would also come in handy when the children can’t fit at the dining room table when we have guests.

  4. fromlugdunum says:

    Hi, where do you bought the toboggan ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The IKEA coffee table legs with any of their tabletops make a great kids table. We had an IKEA tabletop with their adjustable legs for a while we had used as a desk, but the legs got really hard to adjust and we didn’t need it as a desk anymore, so we bought a set of coffee table legs for it and it made a fabulous kids art table.

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