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Stolmen bike stand mod for carpet flooring

This smart idea from Andrew lets you build the Stolmen bike stand on carpet flooring. Sturdy enough to hold two bikes in mid air.

“This Ikea-hack is mainly an extension of a design already featured, that adapts said design to more applications. The Stolmen Bike Stand seemed like such a great idea, I wanted to make a similar one for my apartment. The basic design is the same, with one significant change: an adapter to use the Stolmen post on carpet.

Normally, the Stolmen posts are only good for wood floors, as the post is held by compression between the floor and ceiling. Using the standard base on carpet, the carpet compresses over time causing the pole to become loose and eventually fall (a well documented issue). The version I made eliminates this problem by replacing the bottom connection with a different design.

Items used:
 - 4″ diameter, 1″ thick aluminum round (from Alro metals supply store)
 - “Speaker Cabinet 3/8″ Toe Spike Set” from PartsExpress (p/n 240-725)

1. Drill a 1/2 inch diameter hole, 1/2″ deep, into the center of one side of the aluminum round.
2. On the other side of the aluminum round, drill and tap four holes for 1/4-20 thread pattern
3. Install speaker spikes in threaded holes.
4. Use base instead of standard Stolmen base, placing the extendable metal nob from the post into the 1/2″ diameter hole.

This design works because, as you tighten the post (using standard Ikea assembly methods), the speaker spikes drive through the carpet base and into the wood subfloor. This gives them a solid, non-giving, surface and allows the pole to be tightened properly and not fall over.”

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11 Responses to Stolmen bike stand mod for carpet flooring

  1. This is a great idea and should work for more things than just bikes. Any kind of sports equipment would be manageable.

  2. Biker says:

    The best thing about this idea is if space is a problem, having a pole to place that second bike up high like that is pretty cool. I think for only one bike I would just use a typical bike repair stand. The tripod types can usually elevate the bike pretty high and get it out of the way also, plus it can rotate it better when you are working on your bike. Thanks for the article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Jules – love your solution to the IKEA Stolmen system on carpet. We are in the process of installing an elaborate Stolmen system in our closet, and we have carpeting. So, now we’re designing these bases you recommend. My question to you is….what alloy aluminum did you use? We’ve been asked by Alro to provide the proper alloy aluminum which will be strong enough to hold our clothing and two drawer cabinets. Please advise us on what you selected….thanks a bunch!!!

  4. Mike Boire says:

    Woah that pole is hot! hahaha! But a big amount of precaution should be done before hanging your bike cause it looks like it’s somewhat risky especially to kids. But with regards to the idea, I’d say it’s really hot!;)

    tucson flooring

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mine has fallen over three times since I first used it over two years ago. Thank you for hack of a hack!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @tim gray — maybe you could try riding a real bike. . .

  7. Genius! I gonna get this tonight from Ikea!

  8. Phil says:

    Tim, maybe you could use two such posts parallel to each other so that your trikes are cradled between the two somehow?

  9. Tim Gray says:

    I so wish those things would hold up my recumbent trikes. They have more side weight than a traditional biks so they fall over. I hate coming home and finding my greenspeed laying on the floor on the carbon fiber seat. Any idea on how to give that bike stand more lateral support to handle weight to the side?

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