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A modular coffee-side table

I like this one from Andrew. It’s simple, no doubt but it allows for many uses – working on your laptop at the sofa, eat (though unhealthy) while watching TV. Nice work.

“When I couldn’t find any side tables I could hide out of the way by my sofa for use as laptop stands I decided to make them myself  using a pair of Ekby Statlig 119×28 shelves. Each table was made from a single shelf by cutting 310mm lengths from each end for the top and bottom, leaving me with a 570mm piece for the back. I fixed it together using threaded rods held in place on the back pieces with epoxy and then nuts to clamp in place the top and bottom.

As a bonus when they’re laid down they can also act like a coffee table on their own or could be flipped to support a larger top, glass maybe.”

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5 Responses to A modular coffee-side table

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great, you’ve inspired me to give the ‘nuts’ look a try on a larger project. An entertainment unit.

    Did you use stainlees steel nuts/washers and threaded rod?

    Do you think coach screws would work?

  2. Jay says:

    Simple but versatile and with a great design. While there would have been others ways to attach the top to the legs, the exposed hardware looks awesome. Well done.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes almost exactly what I did, there are 5 10mm holes drilled into the ends of the larger piece about 80mm deep into which the rods are glued using Araldite.

    Into the top and bottom pieces I drilled a 10mm holes right the way through for the rod and then a 22mm recess just deep enough for the nuts (approx 12mm) so it all sits flush.

    I was lucky when I got the shelves about 4 months ago Ikea still sold the oak versions. I finished them with a Liberon clear Danish oil and a coat of wax

  4. prue says:

    Very nice idea, I like the looks and it’s so versatile!

    So you basically drilled holes into the side of the top panel, glued in the rods and drilled holes into the side panels so the nuts don’t protrude?

    Do the holes for the nuts go all the way through the wood or just deep enough to put in the nut, and there’s a smaller hole for the rod?

    And did you do anything to the wood? It looks so dark!

  5. DJinny says:

    I love this! I do need something to the extend of this “C” table since i got this huge L shaped sofa… and i need extra coffee table room!! Not the right wood for me, but it sure gave me a bunch of ideas!!

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