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Gorm pedalboard for guitarists

Christopher gives the Gorm rockstar appeal.

“Guitarists use lots of gadgets sometimes. One of their favorite gadgets are effects pedals. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and they usually are stomped on to activate. Well, I was at Ikea one day a few years ago and noticed that the Gorm shelf would make a really nice cheap pedalboard. This is my most recent.

A lot of guitarists have caught on. There’s a thread on a musicians forum dedicated to Gorm pedalboards! (One of them below, via Harmony Central) Some people even paint them but the same basic pattern follows. Cheap Gorm shelf, Velcro, and voila! Pedalboard. Cheap, sturdy, awesome.”

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5 Responses to Gorm pedalboard for guitarists

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea. Simplicity at its best. A lot of people add a tilt to the board by attaching another piece of wood at the rear. You can get decent prices for large/wide strips of velcro on ebay, then just glue then on to the board. Recently finished a plywood board, but the wood has a slight warp in it so I think I’ll be getting a few of the smaller gorm shelves and sticking them together side by side.

    Really looking forward to getting this nailed. The person with the original idea deserves a pint as it will save a lot of money – these shelves are much cheaper than sheet ply from hardware stores!

  2. Justin says:

    how do you travel with it? is there a case for it? what i did last time i built a pedalboard was buy a suitcase at a thrift store, pad the inside with some egg crate foam, then cut a piece of wood that would fit snugly inside, sanded, and spray painted. then put the velcro on there. similar result, far less cool looking though :)

    but yeah it would be awesome if there was a way to make a case for something like this

  3. hitechvnn says:

    Wow! My husband would really love this

  4. Wow! My husband would really love this. He’d be happy to know how you did this.

  5. My brother used to combine his entire distortion gadget for his electric guitars in one plate just like these. He says it’s much more convenient for him to use.

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