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Retractable Lack coffee table

How about a side table to flips up when you need it and hides quietly when you don’t. Here’s what Colin did with his Lack side table.

The side table is to place all the goodies when friends come over for some poker. It’s quite simple to do. Just fit a pair of retractable L-brackets underneath the Lack table and affix to the wall.

This Lack is just taking up space when it’s not in use.

So we bought a retractable L-shaped bracket from a local hardware store.

Screwed the brackets to the Lack surface and mounted them to the wall.

Pulled out for action! Reclined when not in use.

Now I am wondering what should I do with the four unused legs. Suggestions?

See more of Colin’s retractable Lack side table .

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11 Responses to Retractable Lack coffee table

  1. Heidi says:

    I think you should paint a really cute design on the table. Maybe use doilies to paint a nice design or even a wall stencil, that way that wall doesn’t look like you just hung a big black thing on it. When not in use, make it look like art. :D As for the legs, I’d probably paint them, glue 2 of them together & make a cute shelf.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw on instructables someone made a portable gaming table using those legs and a table top cut in half, maybe you could use your legs for that?

  3. Colin T. says:

    depends where you’re from but what i do is check with my local hardware vendor and see what they’ve got.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am i the only one who noticed the lotion and paper towels? XD

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve searched everywhere for those brackets, but I can’t find them! Where can I get them and what are they called?

  6. Be my guest says:

    Make jenga out of them?

  7. joana says:

    maybe you could use them to build another hack, that one where you insert shoes’s tip in between, and have a new shoes space…
    but the better idea is to create some kind of work of art, not to let your table alone and abandoned like that on a wall.

    @magbot depends on the brackets you choose. go to your retailer and ask, they’ll know for sure

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mrs Mc grew its the NORBO

  9. Mrs. McGrew says:

    Ikea has a table that already does this– no hack required. Of course, you will probably be annoyed that I cannot remember the name of it. We have purchased it twice for our kids to be able to eat in the kitchen. It comes in the unfinished wood section and has a flap that folds out to prop up the table. It’s pretty sturdy because it survived two children under five leaning, eating, crawling and once (that I caught them) standing on it. :)

  10. Marleen says:

    Hang the legs over it horizontally, with a bit of space between them (perhaps an increasing distance as you go higher?) – if you want, you can use them as shelves for small decorative things, or maybe some kind of interesting lighting, but mainly they’ll help make it look more like an art installation and less like a random black thing on the wall at floor level, which it is now. Useful, I’ll agree, but not doing much for the decor!

  11. magbot says:

    Wow, this would be a great way to create some extra counterspace in my tiny, overstressed kitchen! Hmmm, wonder how much weight those brackets would support?

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