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Model train display case

Bruce has a recipe for a model train display case. Those swanky cases may cost you $300-400 but at Ikea you can get it down pat for $30.

He says, “Take one Ikea pull out drawer kit 39×2 (Code is 20106798 #12068) on sale for $20. Add 2 Tyglosa build it yourself picture frames#19 (70126044 supplier code 21443) for $5. Picture frames come with one rail grooved in, neat!! If you want both you have to do it. Also, you have to cut the frames to fit and screw them into the shelf from the side and back, a fairly easy thing to do.

Do a little building and you have saved over $200+.”

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7 Responses to Model train display case

  1. Chris says:

    Very nice. Wood’s always appealing, of course, far more than something plastic. Plus of course there’s the satisfaction of having put it together yourself.

  2. ny custom furniture says:

    Looks cool and I am sure children are going to love this one surely…

  3. Jobs says:

    Oh! Great! This is a big help for us to especially at times like this, you know economic crisis. We really have to find different ideas to save money.

  4. That’s a very clever idea! We get to save money… thanks for the short “how to do it yourself” make a case like this. It’s really very helpful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really fantastic! So clever. Looks great.

  6. Moontree says:

    very cool, i could use something like this to display my jars of beads.

    Off topic- is everyone else getting those green “infolinks”? Really dislike ‘em- they take you away from this blog to an irrelevant site, and then when you hit the back button on your browser it brings to you another irrelevant site, and you can’t get back to ikeahacker. boo!

  7. Taralee says:

    great hack!
    how deep is each little “shelf?”

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