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Besta Vanity/Makeup Armoire

Scott’s hairstylist girlfriend gets her own “make-up” booth. I love how it closes up into some super hidden away thing, keeping a cache of sprays, mousse and combs away from prying eyes. They should have this on Shear Genius.

Let’s hear it from Scott. “Recently, my girlfriend decided to move in. As a hairstylist, her only stipulation was that she get a special area to prepare. Major issues: I live in an open concept loft with contemporary interior finishings. Open concept means a mess in one corner makes the whole house a mess. So, we needed something that looked modern while being able to close the doors and hide the mess. After a lengthy search of different designer options, nothing suitable was found and anything close was incredibly expensive ($3000+). A random trip to Ikea landed me in the living room section and the office area (because it’s near the windows and natural light) was changed forever.”

Vanity Components/Costs (Canadian $):
-1 x Besta 120x40x128cm frame =$135
-2 x Besta Norum Doors =$190.00
-2 x 736mm Lansa Handles = $25.00
-1 x Inreda Pull-out frame = $39.99
-1 x Inreda Shelf-insert = $12.99
-3 x Inreda Plastic Tray = $50.97
-1 x Inreda Box = $25.99
-2 x Inreda Bookcase Lights = $39.98
-1 x Inreda Cabinet Lighting = $49.99
-1 x Frack Pull-out Mirror = $14.99
-1 x Kolja Mirror = $24.99
-1 x Power Bar = $8.00

Total: $617.89 (approx. US$565.90)

Note: The stool isn’t Ikea, it’s a Pawn Stool from Gus*. Great Canadian Designers!”

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11 Responses to Besta Vanity/Makeup Armoire

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah it’s a great place to get ready in the morning. Scott really took care of the only thing holding us back from living comfortably together. it doesn’t feel small or overly cramped because i, myself, am very small. anyone over 5’6 might have some troubles.

  2. cmc says:

    wonderful idea. And sorry to disappoint you gals, but he is a she…great interview over the radio show jules, I’m inspired already…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I dodn’t usually comment but, after seeing this who couldn’t comment and drool about your problem solving abilities and just say WOW! Excellent work!! And tell your girlfriend that a line is forming for her replacement! ;-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want to see the girl’s hair!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely brilliant!!!

  6. michelle says:

    That is awesome! Maybe some mirrors on the doors so she has angled viewing and not feel like she is in a cave. Just a thought. Wonderful job! :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will you marry me? I need a man with that kind problem-solving ability. ;-)

  8. eggroll34 says:

    how about those planters, where are they from?

  9. Anonymous says:

    How tall is the whole thing? It looks really short. Does she feel cramped being stuck in the corner like that?

  10. aicuL says:

    ay! perdón, quise decir Espectacular, con la emoción me lié

  11. aicuL says:

    Espectalar!!! felicidades. Te doy un 10.

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