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Recycled play kitchen

Tricia spent the weekend making her daughter a play stove out of a recycled box. You could of course use any other box to re-create this.

- 1 Pappis box for the base
- 4 black Panna coasters for the burners
- 4 silver Kosing knobs
- 1 silver Kosing handle
- pages from the Ikea catalog for the backsplash

I basically covered the box in colored paper and tinfoil (for that stainless stovetop look!). The orientation of the box should be – box cover in front and opens downward – just like an oven door would. Then I cut a hole on the box cover and used an acetate sheet to cover the hole so the oven would have a window. Screwed in the knobs and handles. Glued the coasters on top to make the burners and added a couple of pages from the new catalog that had pictures of kitchen equipment hanging from a wall to a piece of cardboard and then taped the piece of cardboard to the back of the box. Finished it off with black electrical tape to hide the raw edges… and Voila! a play kitchen stove/oven!

It’s also perfect for storing all the play kitchen equipment (like the Duktig series) after play since it basically is a box! It’s a great way for recycling a cardboard box (in this case new life was given to a Pappis magazine storage box.)”

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7 Responses to Recycled play kitchen

  1. 012 says:

    Really very nice!
    I’ve hacked RAST bedside to realize a kitchen wooden toy.

  2. Bookcases says:

    This is awesome and it makes sense to do it this way as they get over urges pretty much sooner…they will love playing with it anyway.Excellent stuff here.

  3. ChikaBebe says:

    very creative

  4. Is there a link to the last kitchen? I think that’s my favorite one yet!

  5. Gingerale says:

    I love it. Great idea in Argentina, a plastic kitchen like this may cost $ 200 dollars

  6. Moontree says:

    i LOVE the catalog photo in the background, brilliant! Since i can’t afford a whole new super-awesome ikea kitchen I might do the same thing to my walls…. isn’t playing pretend fun??!

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