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Bonde sideboard

Oscar Cederwall from Bålsta, Sweden converts the Bonde TV Add-on into a handsome sideboard.

Oscar says, “I did this hack a couple of years ago. The color of my Bonde side board is not available any more as far as I know. The main reason for why I decided to build my own side board from Bonde is because I liked the frosted glass doors and I really like the CD drawers for the Bonde series. I don’t think there is anything like them in any other Ikea series. There are several side boards out there but I really liked the aesthetics of Bonde.

So, I soon found out that there are no single cabinets in the Bonde series. There are only double cabinets in the form of bookcases or add-on units for the TV bench. So, should I split the bookcase in two halves or cut of the bottom of the TV bench add-on? My decision was to modify the TV Bench Add-on. If I had decided to cut the bookcase in two, I would have needed to buy an extra top. This way I could get a nice top for my furniture in the same color and material. The picture below shows the original piece of furniture and where I made my cut. (the add-on is enclosed by the red rectangle, the TV Bench is not part of the add-on)

I was very fortunate to be able to do this hack at my father’s friend’s place. He has his own carpentry workshop with loads of tools and materials. So we made the cut very slowly in a circular saw which made the cut very clean. I also had to fit a wooden beam in the bottom to attach the legs to and to carry the entire construction. I had to save a few inches on the sides and in the front to hide the girder. Six legs were needed per side board. I can’t find the legs I used. They’re probably not available any more. The most similar legs I can find are the Besta legs. When I reached the last stages of my hack I realised the CD drawers are actually not made for the TV Bench add-on but for the Bookcase, ie there were no holes in the sides to attach the drawers to. But it wasn’t very hard to figure out where to drill. The frosted glass doors hides all your gadgets but you’re still able to use the remote with the doors closed. This is my Bonde sideboard in all it’s glory.”

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9 Responses to Bonde sideboard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your home is lovely. I like the wall color and the furnishings are well proportioned and inviting. I recently purchased a fine tooth blade for my circular saw so I could hack IKEA like you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice and very neat : I really like it. But making it implies having the tools & place : ) !
    It is a pity Ikea does not sell anymore the whole range of Bonde (I am in Europe) with individual sideboard like they used to do one decade ago (once again I am in europe & Ikea is here for a long time there ; ).
    I use to have those individual sideboards but as they changed the whole Bonde serie (a good marketing idea but a frustrating one for first time buyers like me), I had to move to another one to have all the functions in my living room.

  3. oscar says:

    Hello everyone and thanks for your comments!

    Allie: Sorry, the Fabric is not from IKEA. It’s from SPIRA Design.

    Michael: The side board is made from two add-on units. The bottom half of the add-on was simply discarded.

    Wooster11: The side board is 38 cm (15 inches) deep. The sideways turned unit is my media center PC.

  4. Robj98168 says:

    really looks fantatic. Ikea needs to hire you as a consultant on their furniture design!

  5. Marleen says:

    Nice! Ikea should definitely consider manufacturing that sideboard…

  6. Wooster11 says:

    How deep does the cabinet end up? It looks like you had to turn one of your components (your cable box or receiver?) sideways. I have a surround sound receiver that is super deep (as most are) and that has always been an issue for me with TV stands/furniture.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love the way it looks. I have a couple of questions. Is the right side the bottom half of the add-on unit or is it a second add-on unit top half?

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s really great, I love it’s slim profile! I like your curtain fabric–it is also ikea?


  9. grrliz says:

    I’m mostly excited about that DVD storage — the drawers seem to be the perfect size to store them. I’ve been searching and searching for adequate DVD storage for years now and that looks just about perfect.

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