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Hackea: A $2.99 laptop stand and more

A laptop stand for $2.99
A cheap Vink CD rack can be used to prop up your laptop too. The connecting portions are snipped off and filed down. Erik M says “the laptop doesn’t touch the spikes of the cut metal in my case (I use a 14″). And it’s for display only, to raise the screen to the height of your eyes and help with the passive cooling of the computer. I use an external keyboard and mouse.”

See more of Erik’s laptop stand (in Spanish).

Lova this!
Zoe lights up the Lova leaf canopy. She says, “I bought the Lova leaf canopy at Ikea and it was to dark on my bed after I installed it. I bought a cord and socket from Ikea and made it into a really big light. I ran the cord up the stem and along the main vein. I tied it to the leaf at the places that the other veins crossed and left holes. I could have easily taken the green bag from packaging and cut it and tied it up with those but I wanted some pink accents.”

A bright pot of plant
Timo find another great use for bright breeze Ikea lampshades. He says, “I had the idea when I was walking through the section with all the lights and so on. Well, I saw these lampshades and wondered how they would look as flowerpots, because I needed some. I removed the metal inside the lampshades and cut out a circle of multiplex. The inner pots are surrounded by a bag so the water won’t damage the lampshades or my floor.”

A row of foosball fun
Erik V rounded a few foosball players in to hit up the fun.

He says, “I have a Grundtal rail in my kitchen and to make it more fun and practical (instead of those awful meat hooks that you can buy separately) I got a couple of wooden foosball players and just put them on the rail before putting it together and screwing it to the wall.

You need:
- 1 Grundtal kitchen rail from Ikea
- 5 or 6 wooden foosballplayers from the … uhm … foosball supply store

Varde block kitchen cart
S. Sanchez-Wade wanted a kitchen cart that didn’t cost a fortune, but didn’t want it to look cheap.

He says, “So I start searching and all the ones I loved were at least $500.00! I guess the John Boos carts were out of the question. Here is one I was attracted to and especially this one. Not a J. Boos, but I liked the look.

So I went to Ikea and found one that had the lines that I wanted (and the stainless steel to match my appliances: Varde Kitchen Cart and I hacked it to kinda look like the expensive ones. The top is well oiled with mineral oil!”

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13 Responses to Hackea: A $2.99 laptop stand and more

  1. Lisa says:

    I have two Vink CD racks if anybody wants one. They are both black. One has already been hacked just like in the picture. The other is original and still has its label. Email me at [email protected].

  2. savingstips says:

    Laptop Smart Feet are the best riser out there. I think they have them at http://www.newpcgadgets.com

  3. VintageVamp says:

    Agree that separate posts are preferable! The foosball hooks are really clever and cute! And the kitchen cart is very nicely done.

  4. onyournerves says:

    the foosball is very clever.

  5. Peter says:

    I dont understand why people keep putting lightbulbs in stuff that wasn’t designed for that purpose.

  6. BonzoGal says:

    Mineral oil IS an oil suitable for cooking surfaces. If you go to any specialty kitchen store (Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table) they sell bottles of food-grade mineral oil that you use to keep wooden surfaces from drying out and cracking. You can’t use food oil because it goes rancid after a while. The mineral oil soaks into the wood and doesn’t do anything to your food. It’s totally safe.

    I’d like more details on the kitchen cart! It looks amazing.

  7. Spring Dew says:

    Wow, who knew foosballers came in such variety.


    You could probably make the foosball hack match anything.

  8. Johanna says:

    Me too Magnus… Separate posts are nicer.

  9. Anonymous says:

    in that last one I can’t tell what was done to the cart, it looks the same only painted.

  10. Alison says:

    Foosball hack is the COOLEST. I posted it on my blog. Such a brilliant idea.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love the foosball hack. Would be great as a coat rack for a boys room.

  12. Anonymous says:

    mineral oil? seriously? I would an oil suitable for cooking surfaces.

  13. Magnus says:

    I would prefer it if you split the hacks into separate posts, instead of having multiple ones in a single post. It’s just easier to find, browse and read it that way.

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