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Published on June 29th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Compact music studio

Matt downsizes his studio gear with a rolling drawer system.

He says, “For the longest time I was using 2 tables for my studio gear and it wasn’t until I moved to an apartment that size became an issue. So I figured out a way to put all my gear together right in front of me. What we have here is 9 Vika Curry legs and 2 Vika Amon table tops and a home made keyboard pull out shelf with drawer rollers.

First I cut one of the table tops 15” length ways. I took 4 vika curry legs and cut them down to 14”. These support the half table top above. I used a drawer roller system to mount my pull out keyboard under the table and I added a 5th leg in the middle to help support all the weight.”

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3 Responses to Compact music studio

  1. Matt says:

    I secured the top to the wall. This worked well for me since my table is sandwiched in to my small walk through closet. I suppose you could fasten the legs to the bottom table top. I thought about it and came up with an idea. You could drill through the legs width ways and put a nut and bolt through.also drill a hole through the bottom table right under where the legs are placed.You can get a threaded rod with a loop on the end from a hardware store. place the loop end in to the bottom of the leg then thred the width ways bolt through the the leg and the loop. Then the rod will poke through the bottom of the table, just put a nut and washer on the under side of the table and sinch it down. repeat for all four top legs. This should firmly keep the top half in place.Although if your backing your table against a wall its easy just to fasten it to the wall with a couple of L brackets.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Idea!
    Did you secure the top section to the bottom? If so, what materials did you use? I am thinking of trying this out myself but I’m worried that the top section could get knocked off if bumped.

  3. gilliebean says:

    Looks great! Well done!

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