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This guitar has got the chops

Zach does it again, with Spar butcher block, that only costs $29.99 for a 19″ slab. The block sat in his stockpile for 2 years till he came across a quote from Brad Paisley. He said “a Tele(caster) is nothing more than a cutting board, a baseball bat and strings”. And the next Ikea Z guitar made the cut.

Thanks LeonHunter!

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9 Responses to This guitar has got the chops

  1. despinoza says:

    Awesome, I have a piece of butcher block from Ikea. I had to cut my block to a size. And I have this scrap, which I just said last night, “I could make this into a guitar”. But this is very dense (a good thing) but is quite heavy stuff.

  2. Creativity at its finest. Although Zachary’s price ($2675) seems to be slightly high, its a piece of art and definitely justifies the price. For guitar beginners, you need sometime away with those chord charts. Why not create your own guitar with stuff like those above? That will be fun, especially if you have this crafty nature just like the creators at Zachary Custom Guitar.

  3. If this is anything like MY Ikea cutting board, this is one HEAVY guitar! Beautiful job!

  4. gg says:

    Should be a good guitar for the Cutting Board Blues.

  5. ronda says:

    Have you posted this on TDPRI? They would love it.

  6. There’s one extra component on a guitar which is called the truss bar, this straightens the neck against the tension of the strings, it’s possible there is one in this guitar as the maker seems to know what he’s doing.

    Making a guitar

  7. That is so very cool! I want that and I assure you I wouldn’t be chopping onions on it!

  8. Pretty nice job. Did a good job routing all of the wires through the body, and not just cutting big holes out of the front or back.

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