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Decorating with Lord of the Rings

I am a huge LOTR fan but apparently not as huge a fan as these two ladies, who have taken pains to bring a little Elven magic into their homes. Me? I just to bring Aragorn home.

Elven themed dressing table
Khaythora completes her “Lord of the Rings” dressing table with a few Rast chests and curtain hold backs.

She says, “It was made with two cheap and cheerful Rast chest of drawers. I have to say that the theme of the bedroom (still not quite finished, ahem) is LOTR Elven(ish), hence all the powdery colours and the mirrors. The colour on the wall is potter’s clay’ and the fabrics for draperies, etc are silvery silks. Anyway, so we put the chest of drawers together and then cut a sturdy piece of wood into size for the table top. Of course, we needed something on top of that. After some searching around I came across pieces that are meant as curtain hold back (to be screwed into the wall, not found on Ikea website) and with glue and screws and pieces of wood we turned them round and put them onto the table top and underneath the second tier. Then a lot of filler, sanding and painting, and new handles/knobs for the chests of drawers, and we had the first version of the dressing table. As you can see in the photo (version 1, below) the walls weren’t decorated yet and the mirror was missing.

However, I then found the Venetian dressing table mirror, and suddenly the whole dressing table wasn’t tall enough anymore. It needed a third tier. With more wood and another set of curtain hold backs we set onto building that as well, and with more paint it was all finally finished. The photo of version 2 below is the final version as it is today. By the way, the (painted) stool is from Ikea as well. They don’t sell it anymore, I think.”

Craft cabinet with pull down worktop
Luthien designs a craft cabinet from scratch with various Ikea pieces and embellishes it LOTR style. What’s brilliant about this cabinet is that the doors open downwards to provide a worktop.

The huge cabinet is constructed from 4 large shelves (Broder L79 cm x W36.5 cm) for the 2 front doors and the back panels. The smaller inserts inside are 6 smaller pieces (Fabian L70 cm x W24 cm). The cabinet is then given a faux stone finish and her real name in Elvish.

See more of Luthien’s faux stone finish.

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It may be slim but it has lots of storage
Alve drawer with cable box top

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2 Responses to Decorating with Lord of the Rings

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the craft table! Are the decorations molded on, or tromp l’oeil?

  2. luthien says:

    LOL!!! bringing ARAGORN home would be the pinnacle of the make over! only in my dreams i guess :) ) hey jules :) ) how have you been? thank you so much for the feature :) ) really appreciate it!

    luthien xoxoxo

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