Published on May 22nd, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Anyone who sews will love this ironing board

If you ever need to iron large pieces of fabric like curtains, you’ll love Katie Croteau’s ironing board. It’s hacked from the Norden table, with a cover/pad over it.

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13 Responses to Anyone who sews will love this ironing board

  1. Love it because I don’t have to worry about table tipping over, especially when I’m sewing blocks together and they’re big, heavy & rolling over the edge

  2. Rosy1906 says:

    my whole sewing room is Ikea components. I love it. This is a great idea. I’m from Canada, this might seem expensive, but check all that available storage!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love this idea for my quilting room, but way to expensive in Canada ($289!) in my city. I will take this idea and “shop around” though. Thanx!

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a quilter, this is exactly what I need! Since we dont use steam when pressing quilts, ventilation is not an issue. Size and stability, are! Also the added storage is always useful.

  5. Mineral Cosmetics says:

    What a great idea!!!! Certainly given me food for thought!

  6. Fantastic, I love it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    love your website.


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  8. Gabbi says:

    I might even be able to iron properly with one of these…!!

  9. M says:

    Hello, what a wonderful consept this is!
    I love to “hack” furniture as you call it, and have several IKEA items that has been made over more than once!
    I don`t get if this is a private or a commercial site!!
    Please leave a response on my blog, although it is not english.
    I`m quite bicontinental as they say!
    Brgds, M

  10. Anonymous says:

    love this — multi-use and doesn’t scream “ironing board!” . . . especially nice is it doens’t need to be put away after every ironing task . . . would look nice painted too, great idea i’ll keep in mind for myself

  11. Anonymous says:

    That’s a cool idea, and timely since I am going to be redoing my laundry/sewing room. But that table is $279 in Canada. That is one expensive ironing board! Maybe if they have one in the as-is…

  12. Ruthie says:

    If you use a steam iron, I’d be concerned about warping the wood top beneath. Maybe occasionally, ironing on this hack would be okay.

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