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Snug desk in laundry room

Hunter mixed and matched Ikea cabinets for a sweet work station. Too bad it’s hidden away in the laundry room!

“We recently finished a laundry room desk area that found us combining a few stock Ikea cabinet pieces together (one for the height, one for the width) and found that an oversize cabinet door makes a swell desktop:

The most valuable thing (piece of advice wise) is the use of 2 cabinets to make one (width from one and height from the other) and the use of a 24x64in door for a desktop — saved us literally a thousand dollars on silestone (and the Ikea Numerar countertops look great at a distance, but begin to unravel at closer inspection — especially over time).”

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12 Responses to Snug desk in laundry room

  1. ha! funny when you google something and you find yourself… didn’t know this was on here. i was looking for info on the (now discontinued) numerar legs… bummer, they were great.

    the height/width thing… we needed a 15X24in cabinet for each side of the desk (and even then, i cut the depth a bit as we needed it 22 in deep to clear the door). they make a 15X30 and a 30X24… so i bought both, used the 15in-wide bottoms/tops and the 24in-high sides. now, with 4-inch legs, the unit is desk height @ 30in (with the 3/4in top). i guess now, you could use the utby legs. the capita legs, methinks, are an ill-fit with the round shape.

    also, i used an L-bar of aluminum (desk “lip”) under the front of the desk for stability across the width/span. the sides are notched in to allow 3/4in of aluminum to rest on the top of the cabinet frames — creating a “bridge” of sorts. also there is a wooden stop across the back — both were crucial as the tabletop was not rigid enough to safely cover the span. now i can stand on it (or my wife can use a sewing machine without desk-jiggle).

    the lie is nexus yellow-brown and the laundry room is directly adjacent to the kitchen, so it’s not really hidden. it’s also opposite a large sliding door where there’s lots of nice light.

    the renovation of the house can be found at:


  2. Anonymous says:

    The cabinets are part of the Akurum kitchen line. They appear to be either the Nexus yellow-brown or just the Nexus brown. The cabinets have cover panels on the sides that make it the brown color all around. They leg/frame (Numerar legs & plinth rail) are discontinued. The cabinets are 30 3/8″ tall x 24″ deep. The door panel used as a desk top is approx 3/4″ thick. If this was done in Europe they have the Faktum line which may have different sizes available.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I second that. Which line is this? I can’t find any cabinets in the catalog that are a dark woodgrain on all sides. Help?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have any idea what product this is??

  5. Cussot – Yes – Hack wrote it a little strange, but I believe he meant using the cabinets to make the base of the desk, then use the door for the desktop that will “connect” the 2. Study the picture and hopefully you can see what he meant.

  6. Cussot says:

    I’m not sure I understand your advice “the use of 2 cabinets to make one.” Can you clarify?

  7. kmehaffey says:

    the job looks fantastic!!! Its has me reved up to do a similar project!!!!

  8. ed says:

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  9. ed says:

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  10. Hosting says:

    Nice bloog. All the best.

  11. Jay says:

    I really like this! What pieces are those? Size?

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