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Smilla construction helmet lamp

A little unfortunately incident which destroyed John’s Smila Blomma turned out to be an opportunity to get creative. He ends up with a cheeky storage place for his Construction Helmet with a lamp to boot.

He says, “Unfortunately I destroyed my Smila Blomma from Ikea, due to mistreatment: I let the bulb come to close to the plastic. After removing the Blomma the construction of the lamp is as such that I could turn it easily into a (echo machine on) Construction Helmet Lamp (echo machine off). It needed just 1 screw, and I can still use the helmet as an helmet.

One can even go really nerdish and turn it into an autarkic lamp by adding a solar panel or a small windmill onto the helmet. During working day at the construction site the solar panel or windmill will charge a battery, at night the helmet can be put on the Smila Blomma construction next to for instance the wardrobe section of your house. Here it than functions as a ‘Honey, I’m home’ lamp.” Nice!

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3 Responses to Smilla construction helmet lamp

  1. tamanna says:

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  2. Chickpea says:

    I could see this in a little boy’s themed room, but I have some functionality issues with this and I’m nitpicking because I work in construction.
    1 – if you melted the previous shade with a bulb that was too close, you will risk damaging the interior of the hard hat. That is, of course, unless you remove the innards each and every time you hang up the hard hat. Based on how flush this is to the wall, the innards have been removed and that makes this unsafe to wear.
    2 – I seriously doubt that adding a solar panel will get OSHA approval. The same applies to the small windmill concept.

  3. Robj98168 says:

    Very Cool! Note to self– make a lamp out of your hard hat with a solar fan on it!

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