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Published on April 6th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Sarah’s chop and shove kitchen cart and circular sofa

Ah, I love these 2 hacks from Sarah. The first is a really cool cooking prep space and the second is a smart tweak of the circular bed into a cosy area.

She says, “I wanted to put a bowl in this Ikea kitchen cart (Forhoja) so I could chop things and shove them right into the prep bowl. Then, once you take out the bowl, you can shove the trash into the drawer underneath (lined with plastic) to bring to the trash. Originally I was going to install a whole trashcan beneath the hole, but I think this is less disgusting than having a festering pile of whatever under there.

First, we measured out where we wanted the bowl and how big the bowl was. We drilled screws through part of the table that would be discarded to hold it to the scrap board that was underneath and clamped the rest of the table to the underlying board. Next we routed completely through the top of the cutting board. Once that was complete (which was actually quite difficult and required a lot of fiddling with the bit, since the cutting board is quite thick), we did the second-order routing or the lip that insets the bowl so it is the same height as the cutting surface. Once that’s done, all that’s left is sanding!”

See more of Sarah’s kitchen cart.

“A friend of mine moved half of her circular Ikea bed (Sandane) into our living room while she’s subletting. For a while it was just sitting there together as a single unit, until another friend thought it would be funny to shift the pieces apart and have them like armrests while you sat between them on the floor. That got me to thinking that what would be even cooler would be to have a table there!

So dad and I threw one together this weekend. It’s about the simplest possible table you could make. We got one pine board (10 feet by 1 foot by 1 inch) cut into 4 pieces (two 40 inch and two 20 inch) and connected them all up using corner brackets. The boards were slightly warped, so we tried to use the brackets in a way that would pull the pieces together, to moderately successful effect. Not the most elegant, but it should keep it together. Since 20 inches was slightly higher than I had been envisioning, we alternated which corner was on top, cutting out about an inch. Just needs some final sanding and stain and it’ll be done.”

See more of Sarah’s half circular sofa.

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12 Responses to Sarah’s chop and shove kitchen cart and circular sofa

  1. Coastal says:

    I love the idea. I am seeking info on circular sofas for my waterfront home, , thanks for the photos

  2. Carley says:

    That’s awesome, totally stealing the kitchen cart idea! What would be even cooler is if you were to add another board in the middle of the armrest at sofa height so you can put magazines, books, coasters, etc (or even a rolled up throw from Ikea!) The armrest would also look pretty sweet stained the black-brown color, that would really play up the “split” look by having more of a contrast!

  3. Boomka says:

    What a cool sofa divider! I love that. Its always a challenge where to put your drink with a big puffy sofa, totally solved. Very cool.

  4. sarah says:

    Yeah, the pipe is my “plasma planter” ( and the little ladder with the guy on it is pretty cool (and made of what looks like spare automotive parts), even though I didn’t make it. Also, it’s sadly not mine. It belongs to the girl who left that half of the circular bed, but unlike the bed, she took the little guy with her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @tina you should try the bokashi bucket method of composting. You leave it in a bucket with bokashi mixture for two weeks, then bury it in your garden. It’s supposed to break down into usable compost much faster than traditional methods.


  6. tina says:

    The kitchen cart is excellent. But don’t throw those “trash” drawers into the trash; dump them into a small bucket that has a cover. Every week you can dig them into your garden (dig a hole first).

    This super easy composting method helps attract earthworms and enriches your soil.

    Your hack is a kitchen composter’s dream come true! :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    That kitchen cart is so smart!

    Also, I like what you’ve done with the circular bed. I think as a bed they’re kind of silly and impractical, but I love how you adapted it for a living space!


  8. Cyber Monday says:

    what a great look. i love it.
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  9. Liz says:

    Love both those hacks.

    What I love even more is a sculpture I spotted in the background of the flickr slideshow. Is that a pipe with a cactus growing out of it, and a ladder with a little dude on it? It’s cool.

  10. Mari says:

    Those are both great hacks, nicely done!

  11. The Wag says:

    awesome hacks!! what a great tool for the kitchen.

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