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Kiddy hacks

Robotic moves
Wendy and her 3 year old Ikea hacker, Satch, made this robot out of Ikea boxes. So don’t throw away those flat packs just yet. Of course, this can be done with any other cardbox too.

They painted the boxes with non-toxic silver paint and added a few tiny LED lights to illuminate the bottle cap eyes and the top of his head. Way cute.

See more of Satch’s recyclobot.

Frame up fun
Kristin had a fun activity for her kids. She says, “We collected all kinds of leaves both from the ground and foliage. The boys placed them where they wanted on the back of these frames from Ikea, add the plexiglass top and screw frame together to press. Couldn’t have been easier and the boys are proud to display them.”

See more of her kids’ leaf art.

Baby and toys can now share a bed
Dot’s got a toddler bed but a crib sized mattress. So rather than rushing out to buy a new mattress, she converts the end space into a stuff toy compartment. Neat idea! An extra bar is added to the end of the Kritter toddler bed to fit a crib sized mattress.

See more of Dot’s toddler bed with stuff toy compartment hack.

Roll out underbed book storage
Smilla from Iceland needed some storage to fit under her daughter’s bed to hold all her books, be able to roll out easily and look nice, not like a 5 year old had done it. I must say Smilla did a pretty fine job.

She says, “I prepared myself to build something from scratch and I was confident that it would definitely look awful considering that my building skills are none whatsoever. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I went to Ikea and found this great Apa storage box in the kid’s department. I also bought Slugger wheels.

I put it together and painted all the wood with light pink wall paint so it would match her room better (it’s all white, pink and brown…no wood). Fastened the wheels under …well, not the bottom…uhhmm…on one side! Or it’s supposed to be the side of the box. And to get a better grip when rolling it out under the bed I put a handle at one end (well not from Ikea but you can find lots of handles in Ikea).”

Crayon proof those tables!

Though the Ikea Latt kids’ table set is “wipeable”, you don’t want to spend all afternoon scrubbing crayon marks off the white surfaces. So, Faith, the Design Momma decides to “reupholster” the top and and chairs with some cheery wipeable laminate.

See more of Faith’s laminated kids’ table.

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11 Responses to Kiddy hacks

  1. Marg. says:

    I did the same thing to my Latt table and chair set 2 years ago:

    The main difference being that I used duct tape and a spare decorative vinyl shower curtain. They’ve held up very well.

  2. opop says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I like the rollout under bed storage. That could work for a lot of things.

  4. Abby Sue says:

    i love this blog..giv me a lot of range in shopping at ikea..nice one!! I add ur link so i’ll be updated to the latest hackers job ;)

    visit my blog..

  5. Clausewitz says:

    Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

  6. joana says:

    i don’t have or like kids, except for my “small, younger, dwarfy” sister (she just turned 19 2 days ago, but she’s 20years younger than me, and there’s another sister in the middle so she’s the kid in the family;)))p ) but these today’s projects are really great!!! hopefully i don’t have tho pick one to vote ’cause they all deserve my votes
    ps. can someone ban this general before me? he is just heavying the air here in the last 3 days

  7. Marleen says:

    Hee hee – my sister and I had one of those robots as children. The picture of her wearing it was in a collection our father gave her as a wedding gift last week… Good times!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Super ideas- the toddler bed- genius!

  9. Mari says:

    That is such a classic Robot, great job!

  10. FrightenedByPenguins says:

    I’ve been meaning to DIY a robot for my 3 year old for months now, LOVE the led eyes, a great touch that I will definately be using and taking the credit for myself.

    The hacked bed looks great too, such a good use of extra space.

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