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Getting the ideal laundry hamper

It’s not easy to get the laundry hamper to fit your space and style. I know I’ve been trying to get one for months but just could not bring myself to buy a flimsy Jall. Ochen had the same problem but he hacked his way out of it.

Ochen says, “Yesterday, I gave up on trying to manage dirty clothes, and headed off to Ikea to pick up a hamper. There were none that I really liked, but saw the makings of something close. I bought a small Vacker shelving unit and a Naturlig laundry basket and hacked them together to make the hamper I wanted. The Vacker had the type of framing that I wanted and the Naturlig had a nice canvas bag.

See Ochen’s hamper instructions.

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9 Responses to Getting the ideal laundry hamper

  1. Tony Chang says:

    Instead of nitpicking Ochen’s great idea, why not applaud him for his efforts and adapt it to your own personal preferences with little changes here and there?

    A simple addition of punching four reinforced grommets into the top hem of the canvas bag will let you hang it inside the frame off of hooks or stainless steel screw heads.

  2. fraise says:

    If you haven’t unscrewed it yet, then you don’t know that the screws have rusted. They’ll also have made holes in the fabric and will eventually tear through.

    It is a nice enough idea, but very temporary (no more than two years max, I’ve seen people try this before) and easily improvable for a much longer life (velcro).

  3. Ochen K. says:

    Hey All,

    Thanks for the comments. To answer a few questions:

    1) The hamper lives right next to the laundry machine, so it’s no problem hauling it around. Even so, it’s quite small and light, so I wouldn’t have any problem walking it around the apartment.

    2) I’ve actually been using the hamper for about six months now. The screws aren’t rusting at all, and the bag isn’t smelly yet. I don’t mind unscrewing it when it does need a wash. The screw are short, about half-an-inch, so unscrewing and re-screwing should be a snap.

    I know it’s not ideal for all, but it’s been perfect for me.

  4. fraise says:

    It is nice-looking, however there are other concerns about the bag being unremovable. First, those screws are going to rust and stain the fabric bag. Trust me, they will, and in a surprisingly short time. Second, you won’t be able to remove, wash and reuse the bag. Remember that you’re putting dirty clothes in there, not clean ones — eventually the bag will get dirty and need cleaned. I wash my (removable) canvas laundry bags about once a year.

    A better solution would have been to use velcro. Glue the hooked side to the wood, sew the soft side to the canvas bag, and voilà. (You want to put the soft side on the bag so that it won’t damage other fabrics when it’s washed, like the hooked side can.)

  5. joana says:

    it only depends on where you’re living. whether you’re living in italy, for example, laundry container and washing machine are usually in the same place, the bathroom, so you don’t need to displace the dirty clothes to the laundrette ;) )) you won’t need a removable bag, or better, you’ll remove some once a year o half one to wash the bag too.
    different when you’re living in sweden, with kurt, kalle and lisbeth, or in many place in the usa.
    it means i like the project, and plan to have one too

  6. Brittany says:

    I had the same thought as DrLith about the canvas being pretty much permanently attached to the container. It really does look very nice, as nice as something you would by in a store, but I know that *I*, at least, would get frustrated within a couple weeks with this limitation.

    Some sort of bar or hooks for the bag to rest on but be removable from would be amazing.

  7. Clausewitz says:

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  8. With the bag permanently screwed into the frame, that means you have to drag the whole wooden contraption to wherever it is that you do laundry, or else empty it out into something else before transporting. Attractive, but inconvenient.

  9. Mari says:

    Ooh, I really really like this one! Great idea!

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