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Published on March 17th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Multi-tiered charging station

Florence does have a mother load of gadgets. And this has to be the charging station to rule over them all.

She says, “This may seem like overkill but once we took an inventory of all our phones, cameras and gadgets we decided to create a super charging station. Those desktop versions with two or three outlets just don’t cut it for a couple of techies.

We finally settled on the Malm 6-drawer chest to accommodate our storage needs. All of our small, rechargeable electronics are now neatly corralled in one location along with their cables, accessories and documentation.

The top shelf with the flip up lid contains the actual charging station. A series of holes cut into the Malm backboard provide access for the charging cables. The cables are labeled and plugged into a nine-outlet power strip. (In its temporary location the power strip is attached with velcro to the side of the Malm chest. It will be relocated to the back of the unit.) With the toggle switch mounted at the top it’s a simple flip of the switch to manage the charging station.

Each drawer now holds its own collection of related gadgets and documentation. Phones, cameras, music players and gaming systems are no longer spread throughout the house. Narrow drawers at the top are
perfect for storing loose rechargeable batteries and even a 15″ laptop.

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14 Responses to Multi-tiered charging station

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea, but I’d use a power strip with individual switches. That way you only turn on/off what you need when you need it. Great hack!

  2. waywardmedic says:

    I mean …solves the problem of empty chargers drawing power… :)

  3. waywardmedic says:

    @Bob and @Anonymous. Now that I’ve looked at the pics again I see that the chargers have been plugged in. My bad.

    @Tim that definitely solves the problem of empty chargers drawing problem.

  4. Tim says:

    That’s why we built it. There is a power strip along the side that all the chargers plug into. When nothing is charging we turn off the power strip.

  5. I have a much smaller charging station using a 6 outlet power strip. Mine is also on a wall timer that only actually charges the devices at 1:00 AM and again at 6:00 AM for and hour each time.

  6. Nick Lo says:

    Having very recently had an item that was left charging explode, I would be very careful with anything like this. Luckily I was standing close enough to the item that I was able to deal with it. Had I not been there was the very real chance it could have caused a fire. While this idea takes care of the visual clutter it would more than likely increase the possibility of fire if one of the items in that chest were to explode. I also wonder how easy it is to forget about something left charging this way.

  7. joana says:

    and what if, for the overheating problem, you drill plenty of holes in the back of the chest?

    your idea is great, i was thinking something similar, maybe with a paper basket (to tell you all the truth, they sell a wired paper basket plugged like this, and with a kind of an abat jour too. too expensive, i think more than 50e)

  8. Anonymous says:

    @waywardmedic I think, although I am not positive, that it’s an issue of all the plugs still drawing power even when they are not charging something, just from being plugged into the outlet. I don’t know if that’s true.


  9. Bob says:

    @waywardmedic … have you ever noticed how chargers are warm even when the gadget hasn’t been plugged in for days. That’s because most chargers will still draw power even when not charging.

    What I do is have a short cable between each charger and the power strip. Each of those cables is fitted with a switch. That way I have full control over the power usage and also fewer qualms about leaving stuff on overnight. Going the whole hog, all my TV, hi-fi and computer power strips have switches so I can turn them off when not in use.

  10. waywardmedic says:

    I’m pretty certain that not all the gadgets are plugged in at the same time dear anonymous.

    I do think it is a good way to clear up the clutter and keep those darned lines from getting tangled and lost.

  11. Lamu' says:

    To Anonymous who posted this link:

    Pardon my ignorance, but what am I looking at? Thanks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i thought we are trying to go green? that is a big use of power. ykies

  13. Anonymous says:

    When you have plugged in your cupboard all the transfomators of the gadgets are under current and producing heat, thus creating elektro-smog and wasting energy. Is there an easy solution to thet problem? i.e. a device to power ONLY the one gadget you need to be loaded without having to plug/unplug all the time?

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