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Loft and bedroom with kickass desks

Charyl sets up a couple of wardrobes as a room divider. I know the wardrobes are not hacks but thought I’d include them for an overview of the room. The desks are nice – the Pragel countertop and Malm drawers make two good looking work spaces.

She says, “My sons are currently sharing our loft space which is about 11 x 17. We wanted to provide some sense of privacy, so used two Aneboda wardrobes as a privacy screen / storage.

We also created desks and storage for them using 73.5″ Pragel countertops and two Malms. The desk runs the length of the half wall and although it’s 33.5″ high with the combined heights of the Malms and counters, it’s comfortable with adjustable office chairs. My eldest son connected the countertops to a couple 2 x 4s on the wall and to the back of the Malms with L brackets; two adjustable legs are used on each front corner – very sturdy. He also drilled holes in the counters for cords and attached power strips right underneath. (And yes, something needs to be done with the back of the wardrobes, like wall paper or cork board!)

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8 Responses to Loft and bedroom with kickass desks

  1. Karen says:

    Not sure if there’s enough space for you to have one wardrobe facing one bed and the other facing the other bed (but still placed side by side to maintain the partition). There needs to have enough space for wardrobe doors to swing open at both sides. Perhaps that little bedside table will have to move somewhere else. Then each boy will have his own pin-up space as well. But it looks like a bit of a tight squeeze this way… just an idea.

  2. Jojaye says:

    Just a thought – but have you considered using a combination of cork in an area – then using the paint that makes a chalk board? I wonder if several thin coats would work so as not to soak the backing?
    Just a thought. Neat idea on your fix for privacy, Now I’m thinking how it would work here!

  3. Jessica B says:

    I made a similar arrangement in my flat but I used PAX wardrobes instead of Aneboda — they are much sturdier and are more customizable. I found that contact paper is hard to (1) stick properly and (2) line up on the back sides. Also, my PAX wardrobes did not align upright perfectly (I think one was crooked?) so I bought some of those cheap IKEA bamboo window shades (the kind that roll up with the rope) and nailed them to the backsides. I looked nice and concealed the crookedness.

  4. Robj98168 says:

    Cool- You could try painting the backs of the wardrobes- I painted the back of mine in the kitchen (well I painted the whole wardrobe)Or try getting on of those neat Wallpaper Murals. Or you could try metal wall tilesThey would look cool!

  5. Yellowgoat says:

    I have to leave a comment to warn you about the wardrobe. They can’t hold much weight, don’t overload it. I have 3 of them, all of their hooks for the pole to hang clothing broke within 2 weeks of usage. -_- it drove my husband crazy to fix them. Eventually we will get rid of them.

  6. Chaely says:

    Charyl – what about contact paper on the back of those wardrobes? Nothing could be easier than a giant sticker. Or some cool fabric pinned around the edges, maybe? Cork so he can use it to hang stuff of his own choosing?

  7. Feeb says:

    very neat!I will try it!!

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