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Stencilling the Poang

Vidya gives the Poang chair a swift makeover.

She says, “My husband and I have always disagreed about the Poang chair. He loves the comfort – I don’t like any of the fabrics that it comes in. The cover we have for it is plain white and it is so boring.

So I took a stencil and some orange paint and painted orange flowers all over my Poang chair. It took me around 2-3 hours to do it and cost me practically nothing.

I have no artistic skills and the stencilling isn’t very even. But I’m quite pleased with the effect and the chair looks a lot more fun now. You be the judge.”

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16 Responses to Stencilling the Poang

  1. epdrama says:

    this looks comforty

  2. ellifolks says:

    What a transformation — from a plain, boring chair to a lovely, unique piece. I think the slight unevenness adds to the charm and gives it an appealing handmade look. :)

  3. ~Sarah~ says:

    It’s not bad, not my favourite. What would have looked better (in my opinion) is to reupholster the chair in a coloured fabric, say peach, maybe with a simple pattern. Or you could have just reupholstered the chair and then stenciled the flower pattern (or a different pattern) in off white, cream, or an extremely light yellow. That’s just for the peach colour of course…just another idea.

    Acrylic paint or fabric paint is the best type to use.

    Jenny Jo…
    Stencil your couch! I suggest a neutral chocolate brown, or what ever matches the room it is in. But I would stick with neutral colours.

    The Best…Sarah

    P.S. Gret blog :D

  4. ~Sarah~ says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Erin says:

    This is great! I got this book for Christmas called “Printing by Hand” by Lena Corwin, and she includes lots of different patterns and instructions for doing this same kind of thing. She also discusses good paints for using on fabrics if you want them to stay colorfast.

  6. AEG says:

    :) I just bought 2 such chairs, so u gave an idea! :)

  7. Jenny Jo says:

    That’s cool! I’ve been thinking of stencilling my bright red klippan sofa…maybe I should go for it.

  8. che-mie says:

    very nice blog



  9. Ashley says:

    The stencil design is not my taste, but it’s a good idea. Seems like a good way to hide dirt or stains on any white chair.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Michelle–I don’t know why kind of paint she used but regular acrylic paint usually works fine. Or you can buy some textile medium (which is cheap, $4?) to mix with acrylic paint also.

    You can use fabric paint too of course, but if you’ve got lots of old acrylic paint lying around like i do that works great.


  12. Anonymous says:

    great idea! I have the children’s poang chair and it only comes in the boring white! I am soo gonna stencil something fun on it now!

  13. UNITEDisLIFE says:

    I think it looks awesome. Talk about making a dull fabric come alive. With the kind of fabric, the stencilling doesn’t need to be perfect… thus adding a hand-crafted feel rather than prints. Nice!

  14. Michelle says:

    What kind of paint did you use to prevent it from coming off on your clothes when you sit down?

  15. Elegant Chic says:

    Wowww…it looks sooo cool!!! Keep up the good work!

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