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Published on January 20th, 2009 | by Jules Yap


Expedit wine rack and bar

Mike turns the Expedit bookshelf into a standing bar unit.

He says, “I needed a bar unit to hold some stemware, liquor, and wine. While my new place has tons of vertical space (3 meter high ceilings), I didn’t have a lot of floor space in my dining nook. Therefore, I decided a tall, vertical rack would be best. When I was unable to find one that suited me, I decided to make one out of a few parts from Ikea.

The base unit is an Expedit shelving unit, the single-wide, 5-cube 185 cm (73″) model. The height, width, and depth were all perfect for this.

I assembled the unit normally, but left out the topmost inside shelf to allow for tall bottles of liquor to sit comfortably. I then added 2 stemware holders purchased online to make use of the remaining vertical space. My most frequently used wine glasses sit there, with plenty of room for long stemware such as champagne flutes. The remaining shelves hold other stemware such as martini glasses, and barware such as ice buckets, coasters, shot glasses, strainers, etc. I then added some touch-sensitive under-cabinet lighting that I had lying around (I purchased it for maybe $20 at a hardware store some years ago) to show off the contents of the unit a bit more.

Now I just needed a place for the wine. I picked up a 110 cm x 50 cm Stolmen shelf from my local store, cut it into 3 pieces to match the size of the leftover shelf that I removed for the upper portion of the unit, and then cut those pieces with a jigsaw to form a tic-tac-toe style interlocking grid for the bottom. Perfect fit! I now have a 9-bottle wine holder at the very bottom of the unit. (And for a very nominal cost, the shelf was only about $25 or so.)

Last step (not shown in attached pictures), I filled in the additional side holes where the missing shelf should be with spare finish from the Stolmen shelf. I then tucked away all of the wires, making small grooves in the wood to get them flush, and lastly covered the exposed rear of the unit with two Minde mirrors, which happen to be the perfect width!. Both were cut to 90 cm (35″) each, with the seam being covered perfectly by the middle shelf. Now the contents of the unit really shine, especially with the overhead lights turned on.

Updated! February 25, 2009
Carl’s version
He says, “I wanted something for the kitchen to display some glasses and tableware, but also utilising the brilliance that is the Expedit range, so after seeing a hack on your site using the range I thought I’d give it a go myself!

I used the fairly new 5 x 1 Expedit in white, drilled through 2 shelves for the 2 Rationell Variera wine glass racks, and also a pack of Lots mirrors to place on each shelf to give it (I think at least!) an even better look. Add in the campness of the mirror ball and I’m over the moon with the result that matches my white kitchen perfectly!”

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19 Responses to Expedit wine rack and bar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the idea. I made one also using your concept, but with an Expedit 4×2. It turned out great. Everyone comments on it and I always credit Ikeahackers.

  2. Awesome looking design! Definitely digging the wine glasses. You need to redo the picture with all the wine slots filled next time :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cut EKBY LAIVA shelves into 18″ lengths, then slide them into the EXPEDIT to make stackable wedge spaces for wine bottles. :) Works great!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whats up w not having all the wine slots filled?! Weak…

  5. joana says:

    no more rationell variera wine glass racks at ikea????

  6. ealing_lad says:

    Great ideas, and will help me sort my storage out – thank you!

  7. MIAOU says:

    That’s some classy shiznit! Love it!

  8. mayostard says:

    Thank you for all of the compliments, I had no idea this was going to go over so well! I’m glad you all enjoyed it.

    Toby, the bottle holder was fairly easy to make, once you do all the measurements. Each shelf is exactly 1 cm thick (most Ikea furniture is metric sized), so just measure the length of each shelf, remove two 1-cm strips (so that the shelf looks like an E), and then fit together. If you’d like further details or photos, you can find my contact info through my blog at


  9. Andy says:

    This looks too good with nice arrangement of class. i need same like this one more in my place

    wine storage cabinets

  10. Robj98168 says:

    Love this hack! I made a simular hack- a dry bar from two billy cabinets and two jarpen shelves. great job on this hack!

  11. j says:

    This looks great! Makes me wish I needed a bar! :)

  12. carol says:

    everytime I come back to this blog there is another great idea, or rather usage of IKEA furniture. clearly a very capable person.

  13. MISA says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Jon says:

    That’s really impressive! I especially like having the booze at eye-level, instead of under a counter. My booze is the base part of a Bonde unit, behind doors. Consequently, I never drink now since it’s so hard to get too!

    Very well done, a really nice job. You should be very proud of that. I’ll have a Southern Comfort and Coke please, a little ice.

  15. Toby says:

    I love this, especially the 9-bottle wine holder on the bottom. Would love to see more photos and/or directions on how you pulled it off.

  16. waywardmedic says:

    For Mari, the James Bond drink:

    3 measures of Gordon’s gin
    1 measure of vodka
    ½ measure of Kina Lillet

    Shake until ice cold and serve in a deep champagne goblet with a large thin slice of lemon peel

    Make that two please

  17. Mari says:

    Very nice. I would love to figure out how to do something like this with my wall long IVAR set up. But the dark colors here are so rich and makes me think Bond, James, Bond.

  18. melissa says:

    I have to say this is one of my favorite hacks so far… may have to due something with my love of wine.

  19. What a great idea. Nice job! I would love to see it with the mirror.

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