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Ikea recalls Iris and Alvine Roman Blinds

Sad news. Please do be careful if you own the Iris or Alvine roman blinds, especially if you have a child.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission release, on April 4, 2008, a 1-year-old girl in Greenwich, Conn. became entangled in the inner cord of an IKEA Roman Blind and strangled. The child was in a portable playpen that was located underneath a fully lowered roman blind.

Iris Roman Blind

Alvine Roman Blind

Ikea issued a voluntary recall of these 2 products (all sizes) with the product number 19799 or 21369. You may return them to any Ikea store to obtain a full refund.

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8 Responses to Ikea recalls Iris and Alvine Roman Blinds

  1. dramaqueen says:

    indeed it caused a hazardous.

  2. AV情趣用品 says:

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  3. Inga says:

    I agree. I do not think a recall was necessary. As FreeDimension mentioned, it is not Ikea’s responsibility, it is the parents. Any type of blind or shade could have caused the same sad, traumatic, unfortunate incident, regardless of the manufacture. Parents should be more cautious with their children, so this does not happen! My heart does go out to the family, but honestly, it is common sense. I am not trying to sound heartless at all. Just trying to voice my opinion.

    • Bevin Chu says:


      The death of the child was tragic. But that does not automatically mean the manufacturer was at fault.

      The product was not a “deathtrap.” It was not “an accident waiting to happen.”

      The problem was the positioning of the child’s playpen. Make the mistake of putting a child underneath almost any product by almost any manufacturer, and one could wind up with a similar tragedy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    as a resident of the Fairfield County (Stamford) it wouldn’t shock me if the parents are making a big deal about it. Because, after all, its never ever their fault.

    it may have been a good move on ikeas part, but do you think they would have even found out about this incident if there wasn’t a lawyer, or finger pointing parent involved?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do this kind of stuff for a living (recalls) and I think the issue here is that parents know that the cords (on the side, used to lower and raise the blinds) are a strangulation hazard, but I don’t think it’s obvious that the blinds themselves (and the internal cords on the backside) are one. Usually these recalls are voluntary on the part of the manufacturer, so if ikea decided that this was something they would rather recall than have out there being potentially hazardous, I applaud them.

  6. Caitlin @ Clutter Cubed says:

    I don’t think the parents are blaming IKEA (unless they are??), but I also don’t think a recall was necessary. It didn’t happen due to a defect in the product, it happened because a small child’s playpen was placed near a Roman-style blind (which are, by nature, not child safe). Roman blinds have lots of cords; that’s how they work. I wouldn’t have one near a small child, or put a small child near that kind of cord. :/

  7. freedimension says:

    Oh my, that indeed is very sad. But I don’t get the point about the recall. This was an accident like so many others. How many small kids die from other causes, first of all cars I believe. Why not recall all of those? It’s not the obligation of Ikea to care for the child, it’s the parent’s. It should be a well known fact that kids can drown, suffocate, strangle or scald themselves …

    In our western society people tend to search responsibility almost everywhere but in their own hands. That is also a sad story too often forgotten.

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